Top 9 Upskilling Courses that Every Student Must Know

Mohar Bhattacharjee - Wednesday 10th November 2021 | Articles
Top 9 Upskilling Courses that Every Student Must

The changes across all the sectors after the pandemic has set in are undeniable. Things have taken a drastic turn and nothing has been like before. Traditional classes got replaced by virtual classes, and work from home options increased rapidly. Surveys suggest, by the next five years almost every business is going to get digital. Hence, to survive and find a place in this era of hardcore competition, people who believe in the power of smart work stay ahead. You have to be a hardworking person to succeed, what’s more, important is to invest the hard work in something productive.


No one sits idle at home now. Got some free time? Upskill yourself with the in-demand skills of the market. We will discuss some of the top marketable skills at present and provide you guidance on the best websites to pursue the certifications. The better your skills and expertise, the better chances you hold to make a difference! 



Need of Skill Advancement in Today’s World for Students 


In this digital era, knowledge of an in-demand skill helps you stand out from the crowd and makes a good impression on the employer’s board as well. Moreover, you even have the freedom of freelancing for the skills you have. Let’s take a look at the reasons why skill advancement is a crucial part of the present-day world. 


  • Better Chances in the Workplace: Knowledge of an additional skill helps you to be different from your peers and have an edge over them. You develop higher self-confidence and become capable of making a great difference in the workplace. Employers always prefer candidates with technical knowledge and skills. As already denoted earlier, you can even start freelancing your skills and engage in something productive during these dull hours. 
  • Better Career Opportunities: The better skilled you are, the higher your chances to establish a sound career. In these tough times when companies are bound to cut down their employees or reduce the salaries, its really difficult to have your place fixed. That’s why having supreme knowledge of the desirable skills is advantageous. 
  • Helps you Face Challenges: Knowledge of new-age skills helps you get practical experience and learn different things. After you have knowledge of diverse fields, challenges are easy to handle. You can apply your knowledge, showcase the skills and get a flexible solution to come out of the problem. 
  • Keeps you Engaged in Something Productive: Everything being operated online, students are mostly stuck at home with online classes. What do you do in your free time? Indulge yourself in certification courses online to upskill yourself with the most desirable skills in the market today. It helps to keep your brain healthy and motivated too, without being bored at home.


Top Certification Courses to Pursue 


Here we have listed the top in-demand skills in the market at present. Having knowledge of the same helps you to be confident and stand out from the crowd in a digital world full of competition.


“Content is the king” and being a good writer has a lot of advantages in today’s world. Taking a certification course in Copywriting is important to know the tricks of persuasive writing. Having knowledge of Copywriting helps you understand the ongoing market trends and analyze the industry competitions. Accordingly, you can develop effective ad copies. Knowing the basics of copywriting helps you become a better marketer, a sound content creator, and surely the best editor! 


MS Office 

MS Office is an inseparable part of today’s office work. Most of the things you need to draft, store or send need to be through MS Office tools only. Advanced MS Office courses help you learn the basics of writing documents, taking notes, and creating spreadsheets. You get hands-on experience in significant MS Office tools like Excel, OneNote, Powerpoint, SharePoint. The office makes many computer-operated tasks easier to handle.


Data Science

One of the top-tier, high-demand courses to pursue is a specialization in Data Science. Pursuing your certification in Data Science helps you gain knowledge about Data Mining and Statistical Analysis, Data Visualization, Data Engineering and Warehousing, Machine Learning, and Data Visualization. The course will empower you with advanced data management technologies. 


Machine Learning 

Pursuing a course in Machine Learning helps you be in demand. From Youtube recommendations to Google search, the application of Machine Learning is already varied in our everyday life and the number is only going to increase. Build a thorough conception about Python, Data Exploration and Pre-processing, Linear Regression, and Logistic Regression. 


Social Media Marketing 

With most of the businesses being operated online, the significance of social media marketing is at its peak. Taking a course in this domain will help you with social analytical tools and become a strong social media influencer. As a social media marketing expert, you have the knowledge and tools to develop a strong media marketing strategy.


Soft Skills 

Soft skills play a vital part in your growth and success. In the soft skills course, you get training to work on personal attributes that are socially and professionally important, communication, presentation, teamwork, leadership, and so on. These skills always help you to be in the good books in the workplace and serve a lot of significant purposes in your personal life too. 


Memory Skills

Students need to have strong memory skills not only for their work-life going forward but doing well in their academics too. Working memory is crucial in concentration and following instructions. Memory training programs will help individuals irrespective of their ages to considerably improve their memories and concentration.  


Email Drafting 

A clear pitch through an effective email is capable of serving you with long-term benefits. Knowing to write to-the-point emails with clear communication, polite and professional tone is indeed a big thing in today’s world. There are significant do’s and don’ts in email drafting, all of which are delicately covered in the related courses. Points regarding email drafting and marketing are covered in social media courses too. 


Personal Finance 

An important topic to learn is Personal Finance. There are a lot of reasons why you would need to pursue a certification in personal finance. The topics in this program include auto loans, mortgage loans, and budgets. Students are also acquainted with the significant techniques of money-saving and budgeting. This will set the student up for success since they manage their finances better and are also able to make better career decisions based on the financial condition they aim to have in a logical way.



Top Websites to Take Online Courses at a Budget 


Now that you know the significant skills to learn in this era, you need to know the best websites too from where these courses can be pursued at a budget. 


1: Coursera

Coursera is an American website that provides top-tier courses to aspirants and collaborates with some of the most reputed organizations in the world.  From Data Science to Computer Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences to soft skills, there’s a wide range of options from where you can choose. Though a bit pricey, I promise every penny is worth it! You learn from world-class industry experts and the Coursera certification really adds more charm to your CV. 


2: Udemy

One of the leading websites in the world to sharpen your skills and get certified is Udemy. The courses are exclusively designed by experts to provide you with the best experience and educate you on the essentials of the course you are pursuing. From Business and Development to Marketing and Finance there’s no such domain that goes uncovered in this website. Visit the site now and pick one of your choices!


3: Hubspot Academy

A leading online course provider to students and working professionals is the Hubspot Academy that covers a wide range of certification programs to help you grow your career. Digital Marketing, Business Marketing in Linkedin, Excel, Design for Marketers are some of the most coveted courses on this website. So what are you waiting for? Grab your site now!


4: Skill Share

One of the leading names in the online course provider category is that of Skillshare. You will have plenty of courses to choose from on this website such as writing, business, photography, Animations, Designs, and so on! The content is created by world-class professionals and the knowledge you gather adds immense value both to your personal and professional life.


5: Linkedin Learning 

One of the best places to get your certification is Linkedin Learning. Courses are prepared by experts with real-world experiences. Subjects and courses are available for every step of your career to grow and build a brand. Business Intelligence, Personal Branding, Data Analysis, Visual Effects are some of the most popular courses here. Sign up today and start ahead with a beautiful learning journey. 



Confused about which course to take up or which stream to pick?


Being confused about which course to pick or which stream to pick is common. Most students are not sure what they want to do in life since they need some experience and experimentation to understand what they are good at and what they enjoy doing. However, in most cases, people take years to do it and by the time they figure it out, they settle for a career they may not enjoy.

Edumilestones is here to cut short your figuring out time to help you find your dream career choice based on which you can make educated decisions.

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  • The list of career counsellors displays on the screen. You can schedule an appointment with any of them at your choice.
  • Have a wonderful session, get the queries sorted!


In case of any problems, feel free to reach out to our team!



The Bottom Line 


The need for advanced skills is indeed a priority today to make a place in this digital world. The more skilled you are, the more knowledge you have, the better for you. Never compromise on hard work and make sure where you are investing your time. Hard work and smart work exist parallelly and one is simply dull without the other. So, which one’s next that you are pursuing?

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