What is the Right Time to Visit Career Counsellor

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What is the right time to visit Career Counsellor

There comes a point in life when we have to choose our career or switch the existing one. At such a point in time, when confusion clouds our judgement, you need a professional to assist you in decision-making.

Counsellors are needed at every stage. For school students, counsellors help them select the right stream and form an indestructible career path from the beginning. For graduates, counsellors help choose the right college to pursue higher studies. For professionals, counsellors become a helping hand for career shifts and growth. 


Every stage in education and career requires a career counsellor to smoothen the journey and save time and resources. Farhan Qureshi (from 3 Idiots) would have saved himself, and the resources had he consulted with a career counsellor before wasting precious years in engineering. 



The right time to meet a career counsellor


The sooner you consult with a career counsellor, the better. Then you will have time to progress in your career instead of changing careers repeatedly and not having  time to progress in one

You might be surprised that from kids in class 8 to people in their 40s, all have taken the help of career counsellors to gain career clarity. Kids in class 8 are usually stressed with taking up the streams and peer pressure. They might know their passion and interests, but peer pressure and parents might force them to choose the wrong stream.

Students who have just graduated from college and are worried about their careers also take the expert opinion of career counsellors. They come with the hope of selecting the best career so that they can have a fulfilling career life. Career counsellors give such students a list of matching career options as per their interests, skills, passions and abilities.

However, for people who take up career counselling post-midlife, only patchwork solutions can be provided since a lot of time has passed, which could have been used for learning and growth in a suitable career.


Why should you meet a career counsellor?


The main motive behind meeting a career counsellor is to clear the clouds of career confusion hovering over your mind. It would be best to meet a career counsellor to take professional and expert advice on the emerging career and which one might suit your personality, degree or interest.


It is said that "you wont have to work a day if you make your passion a profession". Career counsellors can help you find the perfect career that aligns with your passion. Counsellors can also help you switch your current profile if you are not happy with it or are facing resistance from your inner self.



Who needs career counselling?


The need for a career counsellor can start as early as class 8th. People have also taken career counselling when they are 40 or so due to midlife crises and more reasons. Gone are the days when people thought of a career as a lifetime thing. In the present economic turmoil, people are changing their careers even in mid-life.


In the past few decades, it has been observed that new fields and jobs are emerging quicker and people are changing their jobs more frequently or so, due to varying reasons. So, all those who have yet to choose their stream in high school, who are unsure about which career to pursue,  who are unhappy with their job or who want to make their passion their profession need the help of a professional career counsellor to guide them on the right path.



Should I take career counselling?


Career counselling has no negative sides. If you are stuck with making a career choice at any stage in life, a career counsellor is a must for you. With their help, you will find your career journey smooth and comfortable. 


Being in the field for years, career counsellors know all the minute details that make the difference in careers and applications. With their expert insights, you can also ace every challenge you might be facing in your life. You will find comfort and professionalism from the first meeting when you approach the right career counsellor.



What happens in career counselling?


Career counselling starts with pre-counselling. Pre-counselling is useful for gaining a basic understanding of your candidate. It aids in gaining a clear understanding of the candidates concerns. Following this, a rapport is built based on interests, strengths, weaknesses etc. Building a good rapport increases the likelihood of accepting and supporting their inner factors. This will also greatly assist you in establishing many interpersonal relationships, opening many doors for you in the future. 


Subsequently, a career assessment takes place. This is a tool for assessing your skills, talents, and aptitudes. It is a method of learning about how differences in personal characteristics affect success and satisfaction with various career options. Different assessments concentrate on interests, emotional quotient, aptitude, personality traits, and knowledge. Following this, career goals are set. Career counselling is done to determine the best career path for you. Setting career goals allows you to chart a course for your career and devise strategies for getting there. Setting goals in three categories: short-term, mid-term, and long-term, can help you create a well-thought-out ultimate plan.


Apart from the action plan, a counselling session will also provide you with updated knowledge of career options. Career opportunities are rapidly evolving in this fast-paced world. A diverse range of job profiles is emerging all around us. Many are unaware of the various career options and choose a traditional career path. Career counselling can show you untapped career opportunities with low competition and a high success rate. 



Benefits of career counselling


There are numerous benefits of career counselling. The biggest of them is satisfaction and peace of mind. Counselling can help you eliminate all the confusion your friend, family or internet might have filled up in your head. Here are the top benefits of career counselling:


  1. Expert and professional advice: When you approach a career counsellor, you are approaching an expert who is well-versed in the career options open to students and the types of employment available in the market. They are experts who have worked in career counselling for many years and counselled many students. As a result, any counsel they give will undoubtedly be well thought out and informed.


  1. Removes confusion: Looking at several professional possibilities that are sometimes closely related can be very confusing. Career counselling can assist you in eliminating superfluous possibilities that are unlikely to enhance your career and retaining only those that respond effectively to your interest and aptitude.


  1. Forms strong future structure: Career counselling can also assist you in developing a comprehensive career plan. If you have recently passed your 10th or 12th-grade board exams, now is the time to seek career guidance. Your counsellor will most likely administer your aptitude exam. Based on your interests and test results, they will recommend the best courses for you to pursue at the bachelors and masters levels. It is time they will provide you with a clear picture of your profession so that you can start preparing for it well in advance


  1. Better self-understanding via career assessment tests: Career assessment tests reveal not only your strengths and weaknesses but also aid in objectively evaluating marketable skills. You will be more aware of the marketable skills that are valuable for a future employee, such as quick decision-making, the ability to work independently or in a team, stress tolerance, and so on. Such tests reveal which skills are valuable for your future employees and which skills need to be improved. You will be able to better understand their competitive advantage compared to other candidates. Furthermore, they can include these marketable skills in their resume and mention them during a job interview, which will help the employer make a decision.


  1. Shortlists best career options: We will never know all of the employment alternatives accessible because you and I are not as tightly tied to the nations school and job sector as career counsellors are. Job advice offers doors to numerous undiscovered career alternatives that you might have never come across but can be the ideal match for you. The world is witnessing numerous emerging careers, such as leisure, renovation, park construction, etc. A career counsellor will help you choose a career that will not just align with your passion but will benefit you immensely in the future.





You can consult with your family, teachers, or friends or do as much research on the internet, but the satisfaction and clarity you get from consulting with an expert are unparalleled. A career counsellor will not just provide you with hollow information but will guide you toward achieving that career and fulfilling your journey. You can rely on professional career counsellors at Edumilestones to provide complete satisfaction and a health plan. Heres how you can contact experienced career counsellors at Edumilestones.


Step 1: Open the Edumilestones.com

Step 2: In the Drop-down menu pick from the available option and choose "career counselling for students". 

Step 3: Enter your location in the text box next to drop down. 

Step 4: The list of eminent counsellors will show up on the screen. You can browse and choose accordingly.


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