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Career Counselling Guide India

“The magnitude of career counselling and guidance in India is so immense that it is tough to put it in words.”


In India, close to 12 lakh students appear for medical, 10 lakh students appear for IIT, and 1 lakh people appear for CA.

Do all the medical aspirants get into the best medical college like AIMS?

Do all the engineers get into IIT?

Does everyone get a seat in CA?

Only a few of the total students get into the top college?  


Considering the fact that for a well-established economy of the country, the youths need to be educated, trained for skills and industry requirements. 


Studying and holding a degree in hand will not benefit until you have the right skills. Every year many young people graduate from a college or university, but unfortunately, they land up doing nothing. Mainly because the industry is growing rapidly and the right path to the youths remains diminished in education.  


This is where career counselling comes in light and has helped many young minds grow and make informed career decisions.  

Majority of individuals take random career decisions in life. These random decisions lead to a major part of their lives. 

Isn’t it necessary to make informed career decisions?  

Let’s look at one more statistics.


Every year almost 2 million students appear only for 10th CBSE board exams. 

A whopping 1 crore students appeared for 12th board all over India in 2020. 


As more number of students increases yearly, there will be more students who are confused about their career path and require career guidance. 

An individual needs career counselling to find the best career fit for him. Right career guidance and counselling at the right time can bring a lot of fortune for the individual. According to one recent survey, individuals who undergo career counselling and guidance tend to do better in life as compared to people who do not get career counselling done. 


Career decision-making is a continuous process. At every stage of the individuals’ life, career decision making plays a crucial role in determining the next stage of the career.

Hence, it is essential to get career counselling at the right time. 

What is career counselling? 

Career counselling is the systematic process of analysing the student’s and professional’s strengths, interest, skills and abilities, and mapping it with the right career option and education.

Everyone requires career guidance at some point in their lives. A professionally trained career counsellor guides the student to find the most suitable career path. 


Career counselling is much more than deciding the most suitable career path or what perfect job to take in the future. Career counselling is a lifelong process. At every stage of the individuals’ life, they need to make tough decisions. Career counselling and guidance not only helps the students to make decisions now but also gives them the confidence and knowledge to make the right career decisions in the future.  

Let’s look at main career counselling essentials

Career Counsellor

A career counsellor is like a career doctor who provides career guidance to the student. It is essential to get career counselling by an expert career counsellor. Career counsellor follows a systematic process to guide students for taking an informed career decision. In India, is the most popular career counselling website, which is having the largest network of 1800+ career counsellors. They offer face to face or online career counselling across 80+ locations in India.  

Psychometric Career Assessment

Psychometric career assessment or career test is a diagnostic test used to measure the career interest, behavioural part and abilities of the candidate. It finds out the most suitable career option for you that matches your personality, interests and abilities. 

A prime example is Edumilestones 5 dimensional career assessment that is widely used by students, professionals and popular career counsellors in India for career counselling.   

Who can get career counselling? 

It is a myth that career counselling is limited to school or college students only. The best about career counselling is that it is not just restricted to students. Even working professionals require career counselling and guidance. Students from class 2nd to working professionals can utilize the utmost benefit of career counselling.

Students can get career counselling to find out which subject to choose in the future. 

Professionals can utilize the benefits of career counselling and find their next career move. Edumilestones career guidance platform caters to students from 5th class to working professionals with 15 years of experience.  

Why do students and professionals need career counselling? 

The underlying and the most important reason for students and professionals to get career counselling is career clarity and happy career. 

After NEP 2020, many students are facing the dilemma of right career choice. They are even more confused than before because to understand the new education system, and getting adapted to it is a huge challenge.  

There are more than 200+ career paths, 18+ career clusters and 3000+ occupations. No individual can know all these things.  

Career counselling can help to bridge the gap for the students. 

Many professionals are unhappy with their career and looking for a career switch. Many working professionals face stress at jobs, the stress of managing home and career, which affects their overall state of being. There are many women professional who want to make a comeback after a career break. 

These are a few of the dilemmas that professionals face.

Career counselling can help professionals in finding the perfect job that aligns with their interest.  

Who does career counselling? 

A professionally trained career counsellor does career counselling. He/she has got immense knowledge about all the career paths and occupations. With the help of the right psychometric tool, the career counsellor paves the perfect career path for the students and professionals. 

There is an increasing demand for career counsellors in India. We have 450 million students, and we have less than 10,000 trained career counsellors. For every 250 students, we need 1 career counsellor. This is a huge gap which needs to be addressed. Edumilestones website is a single aggregated website where a student can directly connect with best and verified career counsellors for career counselling. 

Need for career counselling? 

Effective career counselling and guidance is the need of the hour. Individuals spend the majority of the time at the workplace. They spend more than 50% of their lifetime at the workplace.

So, the right career guidance at the right time can play a life-changing decision in the students’ lives.  

Importance of career counselling and guidance? 

Career counselling is beneficial in the following ways:


  • Career counselling helps the students and professionals understand the career opportunities and options available.
  • Career counselling helps them analyze their strengths and weaknesses and helps in finding the perfect career path.
  • Career counselling is not only limited to finding the best career option, but career counsellor also provides a detailed execution plan with complete career clarity.
  • It will help in identifying the factors that influence career development. 
  • It will help in boosting the confidence and morale of the student and the professional. 

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Best website in India for career counselling 

Edumilestones is undoubtedly the best career counselling and guidance site in India. Since 2008 edumilestones is maintaining the highest rating of 4.8 on google.  All the empanelled career counsellors are well trained, experienced and certified and providing career counselling to both students and working professionals at most affordable prices. 

Student can connect 1800+ career counsellor across 80+ locations to avail career counselling near them. 

All the career counselling are not only limited to career guidance but also to provide a detailed execution plan. 

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Career counselling and guidance in India helps students and professionals to set realistic expectations by helping them map their interest with the right career path. 

As more and more students are concerned about their career choice, the demand and need for career counselling are at an all-time high. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are a student or a working professional, career counselling will help you at each and every stage and help skyrocket your career like never before.

Career is the most important aspect of any individual’s life. 

You have only one life. Choose your career wisely and make it count. 


What do you think about the role of career counselling?  Please share with us in comments.


All the best. 




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