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Best Career Guidance Platform in India 2023

To choose the right career is probably the most important decision in anyone’s life. But most of the people are a victim of career indecisiveness. A career guidance platform is the need of the hour to cater to millions of confused individuals.

It’s weird that when we buy some product online or go shopping, or if we are going to check out some new place we always consult our friends. But when it comes to career guidance, we are happy with whatever life has for us in-store rather than seeking career guidance and finding the most suitable career path. There is a high probability if you don’t seek career guidance at the right time you might end up in the wrong career. 

Let me ask you a few questions? 

  • How will you feel if your friends are earning more than you?
  • How will you feel if your friends are living their life to fullest and going on trips once in 3 months?
  • How will you feel if daily you see the status updates of your friends/ relatives getting a promotion or going out for a team outing?

I can go on and on.

The need of the hour is to look for alternatives which not only gives you a satisfying career but also a happy life. So don’t just sit there and wait for some magic to happen in your career life. You need to ponder and the best recourse is to go for career counselling at the nick of time before it is too late. Now the main question which arises here is that how to choose the right career guidance platform. 

I am going to list out key factors which are essential for determining the right career guidance platform. Buckle up. Here are the few ones:

1. Career Assessment

Career assessment is a diagnostic tool used to assess the personality, interest, skills of an individual. Based on that the most suitable career path is determined. It is the base of any career counselling session. Selecting the wrong assessment will impact negatively. 

Let’s understand the key factors that determine the value of any career assessment.

career assessment

Career Assessment Dimensions and Framework

There are many career assessment tools in the market. Some provide a one-dimensional assessment, some two. Edumilestones provides 5-dimensional career assessment. The candidates are assessed on 5 key dimensions giving a more holistic view in career guidance viz:

- Personality Analysis

- Career Interest Analysis

- Career Motivator

- Learning style

- Skills and abilities (8 parameters)

- Emotional Quotient / Emotional Intelligence for professionals 

22 Types of Career Assessment

Career guidance is not limited only for 10th and 12th candidate.  Career counselling can be done at any level of education and career life cycle. 

Edumilestones offers 22 types of different and dynamic career assessments starting from 5th class to working professionals for every career guidance need.

Career Assessment from 5th-7th Class Students: In the early stage, it helps to identify Multiple intelligence of the student regarding What Intelligences does your child possess. Multiple intelligence along with learning style analysis and abilities help your child stretch his or her areas of strength.    

Career Assessment for 8th, 9th, 10th:  This is probably the most important and interesting junction in a student’s life.  At this stage, student want to find out what are subjects they should select? What next after 10th”? Science, Commerce or Arts. which career option will be suitable for them?  Subject selector assessment and comprehensive assessment give a clear idea about subjects they should select along with career recommendations.

You can also refer: What after 10th? 

Career Assessment for 11th – 12th:  At this stage career path identification and education roadmap becomes very critical. There is a different assessment for Science students, Commerce students and Humanities/ Arts students to find out best for them.

Career Assessment for Graduates: Many graduates face the dilemma of which job to choose after they complete their graduation. They even face the dilemma of whether to go for higher studies or go for a job. 

Suppose if you are opting for engineering and you want to know which stream to go for, you can take the engineering stream selector. It will help you determine whether you should go for Computer Science, Civil, Mechanical etc. 

Or If a graduate is confused what next after graduation? shall I do MBA or MS or Government service? Comprehensive career assessment helps to give clear idea and execution plan for a career after graduation. 

Career Assessment for Professionals: According to Kelly services survey, 48% of the working population are unhappy with their current career. 

According to the Mercer study, 28-56% of the working professionals wanted to leave their jobs sooner.

According to Indeed survey, 40% of the people are dissatisfied with their current job.

This statistic shows that many professionals should seek career guidance and get their career back on track.

Many professionals don’t find the most suitable career path and they waste so many years trying and experimenting with different career paths. Many people are stuck in jobs that they hate and don’t know any options for the future.

 A psychometric test for professionals can help to determine the next logical step for professionals. Career path change or skill development or next-level career advancement.

Career counselling is the most essential component to have a happy and satisfying career. If you get proper career guidance at the right time it will help in saving so many unproductive years. You only live once, so it’s better to live life with passion. Happy career means a happy life. So, it is very important to do a job which is directly aligned with your passion and interest. A career counsellor can help bridge this gap. 

It doesn’t matter where you did your education from. What matters is to choose the right industry to make it big in your career and have a happy and satisfying life. 

Multi-Lingual Career Assessment:

In India, we have 29 states and 7 Union Territories. There are 22 official languages in India. Language should not be the barrier to limit a person from taking the assessment and finding the most suitable career fit. Edumilestones is the only company in India which offers assessment in 5 different languages catering to the need of the individual.

The 5 languages are

English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil. We are currently working on 4 more languages to implement. No doubt, edumilestones is a leading career counselling platform in India.

Offline and Online Career Assessment

With the world getting digital and all of us engaging in more online activities. There are still many people who prefer offline. The places where online assessment is not possible an offline career assessment can be very handy. An offline career assessment can be useful for mass activity in semi-urban and urban areas, offline assessment using OMR technology to automate report generation process.  Edumilestones career assessment is available in both online and offline format. Even career assessment is completely mobile and Tab responsive.  No need to install any App. Complete assessment can be done using any system, browser, mobile phone or Tab. It is highly scalable and makes career guidance sessions scalable.

Reliability and Accuracy

A career guidance platform helps the students and professionals to choose their dream career path. Career is the most important thing in an individual’s life. So it is extremely crucial for students and professionals to go with the career guidance platform which is highly reliable and accurate. Just imagine going for a platform which gives you the wrong career path. It will be awful for you and your career. So, it is extremely critical to check the reliability and accuracy of the platform. 

Edumilestones psychometric test is tested on statistical methodologies and provides 92.6% accurate results. It is highest in Industry.

 Our core methodology, regional level testing, higher sampling and 5-dimensional correlation matrix, standard deviation combined with Artificial intelligence makes it highly accurate and reliable. Perhaps it is only assessment in India that has used artificial intelligence for assessment learning, evaluation and career path mappings.

2. Career Report

Career report is the essence of any career guidance platform.  It provides a clear understanding of the candidate, his strengths and helps the student to find out the most suitable career path with the proper framework of the execution plan. Based on the career report and analysis student can make informed career decisions. 

career report

Edumilestones has 32 pages comprehensive report which gives a detailed analysis of the candidate. Career report shows the analysis and recommendations of top choices, optional choices and career paths to avoid. 

Every career report will be having a detailed execution plan of educational and career road map. It includes subject recommendations, courses recommendations for graduation, post-graduation and different career advancement courses. Career analysis is done across 20+ career clusters, 180+ career paths and 2000+ Occupations. This is the largest career exploration across Industry. 

Comprehensive career report adds a lot of value in the career counselling process and also provides in-depth analysis of the careers.

 It acts as a bridge between a candidate and a career counsellor. The career counsellor determines your most suitable career path based on the report. 

3. Student Dashboard 

Career counselling and career guidance are not limited only to career assessment and generating career report. 

What next after report interpretation? What if you want to know which college to choose? 

What if you want to know your chances of admission at a particular college?

 What if you want to know which exam to write and when is that exam?

What if you want to know how to improve in studies?

This is where the student dashboard comes into the picture. 

Edumilestones student dashboard is considered to be the amalgamation of knowledge depository and career exploration. These are the following features of the student dashboard:

student dashboard

Colleges: Everyone wants to get into the best college depending upon the field which they have chosen. It is humanly impossible to know details, eligibility, fees, demand, popularity, entrance etc. of each and every college. There are 2 ways in which you can choose the college of your dream.

• Do heavy research. Make a list of all the colleges you want to apply. Shortlist the colleges. Check the ratings of the college and x to infinity.

• Or you can use the ‘student dashboard’. We have made college selection simpler for you. 

Edumilestones student dashboard has details of 1.2 lacs colleges across 160+ career paths.  We are not a directory to share only the college's information but our expertise is to provide analysis and admission prediction score for each college based on student assessment and academics. 

Edumilestones provide unbiased and neutral career guidance platform.

Whether you want to study in India or do a masters abroad, student dashboard will help you to ease the selection of your desired college. 

Exams: This feature of student dashboard allows you to be aware of your upcoming exams and which all colleges exams you can apply for. It shows you the number of exams based on your courses and milestones. 

If you are a student who is planning to write his exams, then the most important part is the list of the exams which you can apply for related to your course. This exam feature of the student dashboard helps you enlist your exam details and lets you set your milestones. Based on that you will get a milestone report which will have the details of the exam, start and end month, guidelines etc. 

Career Lab and Career Videos: Get complete access to the exclusive video library. Facing difficulty with exam stress or any other problems which a student faces? Or do you want to learn something new? Edumilestones provides online courses to upgrade your skills and learning and also help you tackle challenges in your education life.  Career guidance will be incomplete without career Lab videos.

Abroad Studies: Most of the students want to pursue higher education but they don’t have much idea about it. Edumilestones student dashboard consists of many colleges all over the world where you can apply for. 

You just have to give your career assessment and based on that your abroad studies profiling will be done. Then your most suitable career path will be analyzed and after that best college recommendations will be given.  

IVY league colleges

Every student who is aspiring to study abroad has a dream to study at IVY League college.

The Ivy League colleges are:

- Brown University.

- Columbia University.

- Cornell University.

- Dartmouth College.

- Harvard University.

- Princeton University.

- The University of Pennsylvania.

- Yale University.

To get into any of these colleges is a dream of many. The benefit of studying in an Ivy League college is that whatever, the student graduating from a normal university can earn in a year the same amount can be earned by an IVY league graduate in a month! Therefore, start preparing for IVY league as early as possible and edumilestones will help you in reaping the benefits.

4. Career Counselling Near Me

In India, students prefer face to face career counselling.  Edumilestones has created India’s largest network of career counsellors.  In 2022, Edumilestones has launched “career counsellor near me” interface for students and professionals. With the launch of this interface now it is possible to get face to face career counselling across 80+ Locations in India. More than 1800+ certified and trained career counsellors are empanelled and part of this largest career counselling ecosystem in India. 

Since 2008, edumilestones claims to help more than 1 Lakh students and working professionals every year to explore their right career choices. We all know that students and professionals come with a host of problems. Edumilestones is capitalising on each and every opportunity to make their career lives happier and without any regrets. This tool is an example of that. 

This is the only biggest interface accessible in any area that has made up face to face career counselling possible across the region. 

In India, where students are inclined toward one on one career counselling, this creative advance step aims to urge students to get proper career guidance near them.

There is an end-to-end complete career counselling solution now available to students and professionals near them, on their finger-tips. They can find the right career counsellors, directly book appointments, avail online consultation, get access to comprehensive career assessments and career reports. You must be wondering; it sounds too good to be true. Well, it is. 


5. Affiliations and Recognitions

Affiliations and Recognitions are important because:

• It helps you determine if the career guidance platform meets or exceeds minimum standards of quality.

• It helps to determine the validity of career guidance platform.

• It creates a set of quality standards and ensures accountability. 

Industry recognition makes you more credible than the rest of the career guidance platform.

edumilestones accph bcpa

Edumilestones is officially recognized as an organizational member of

- APCDA (Asia Pacific Career Development Association)

- IAAP (International Association of Applied Psychology)

Edumilestones career assessment and certified career analyst program is affiliated and recognized by

- BCPA (Bharatiya Counselling Psychology Association)

- ACCPH (Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists, United Kingdom)

 It shows the credibility of its platform.

Edumilestones has been a pioneer in online career counselling technology platform and a trendsetter for almost a decade. They are consistent in setting new goals and striving for achieving the same. 

6. Career Library

A career library conveys that there are a lot of career options available for students and professionals. It helps the students and career counsellor to analyse in-depth about the career options available and make an informed decision. 

Edumilestones is synonymous to Encyclopaedia for the career path. edumilestones do career exploration across

      ·         20 Career Clusters 

      ·         175+ career paths

      ·         Career Path Database is updated every 3 months

In the career library, you will find 175+ career paths. Each career path will tell you about the following feature.


- Work Nature: It describes the nature of the work, the roles and responsibilities you got to do. 

- Key Skills: It describes the key skills which are required in that particular field. 

- Career Analysis:  Fees, demand and the average salary for a selected career option.

- Occupation: This feature describes the job opportunities that you can aim for. Choose a job which you are passionate about.

- Career Videos: If you are looking to expand the horizon of your knowledge and upgrade your skills, you can watch and learn from the career videos. The videos are explained by the top experts in the fields.

- Career Navigator: Suppose if you want to do MBA in future and you are presently in 8th std. Career Navigator will help you navigate the exact roadmap which you got to follow. 

- Recommendations: It shows in which field you can make your career. 

- Top Colleges recommendations: It includes top colleges for graduation and post-graduation

- Top-Exam recommendations: It includes top exams for graduation and post-graduation

This is How edumilestones is best career guidance Platform in India

Our wide range of career guidance services is accessible to students and graduates from all across India. Because of mentioned solutions, edumilestones is highest-rated career counselling platform in India ( Source – Google reviews).  It is also India’s First ‘Career counsellor’s community-driven platform’

Our Mission is to provide career counselling to all those candidates who need it most and saves billions of career years wasted because of career incisiveness.