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5 Dimensional highly accurate Career Assessment. Get 32+ Comprehensive Career Report with the detailed execution plan.

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Check your career suitability across 3000+ Occupations in 30 minutes. Take an informed career decision. Get free analysis.

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End to End Abroad studies guidance and application process handling across 14+ Countries and 30,000 universities. Check your profile and college fitment

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Strategic Alliances

Connect with us for a mutually beneficial Project. Special solutions for Government, High traffic websites, CSR and NGO Projects

personality assessment | Career Assessment

Personality Assessment

Find out your personality Type

  1. Personality assessment based on Carl Jung and Big 5 Theories.

  2. Personality analysis for work style, Emotional Quotient, Professional interest, Character, Anger management, Attitude towards work, Level of impulse control, Learning patterns and Behaviour under pressure.

  3. Connect with your career counsellor near you.

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Find out your Best Possibility
Suitability Assessment


  • 5 Dimensional Career Assessment
  • Check your Career Suitability for One Career Option
  • 5 Pages Free Career Analysis Report
  • Well researched information about career
  • No individual career counselling
Career Assessment and Report


  • 5 Dimensional Career Assessment
  • Explore and Find out most suitable career paths among 150+ Career Paths and 3000+ Occupations
  • 30+ Pages detailed career analysis report
  • Detailed Execution Plan
  • Self search career library and Colleges Info.
  • No Face to face career counselling
  • No individual career counselling

No Upfront Payment Required

Face to Face Counselling Near you

Connect with Counsellor

  • 5 Dimensional Career Assessment
  • Explore and Find out most suitable career paths among 150+ Career Paths and 3000+ Occupations
  • 30+ Pages detailed career analysis report
  • Detailed Execution Plan
  • Well research Career Information
  • Book Appointment with Best career counselor for 40+ Minutes Face to Face counseling near you. More than 1800+ Career counselor across India
  • Individual career counselling included
  • Post Counselling Support Included

No Upfront Payment Required

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Choose the career Assessment?

We have different career assessments for different groups. It starts from 5th class to professionals. Candidate can select assessment based on your current stage. All the assessments are highly accuracy and reliabile.

What is five dimensional career assessment?

Our career assessment explores the 5 dimensions of the candidate. It includes, Personality analysis, Career Interest analysis, Career motivators analysis, learning style analysis and Skills & Abilities analysis.

What is the difference between Free suitability and comprehensive Analysis?

Both are 5 dimensional career assessment. In Free Suitability, candidate can get analysis of one career path of their choice with free 3 pages basic report. In Comprehensive plan, career analysis will be done across 160+ career paths and 2000+ Occupations to find out the best career path for you. Comprehensive 28+ pages career report with execution plan will help you to achieve career goals.

Once comprehensive report is activated, can I see analysis other career paths as well?

Yes, very much. This is the biggest advantage every student is having. Once assessment is done student can generate unlimited comprehensive 28+ pages comprehensive reports of different career paths. It is important to know you most preferred career paths but equally it is important to know about career paths that you should avoid or develop.

Do I need to give assessment once again for comprehensive analysis?

No, you do not need to give assessment again. Once assessment is done, you can upgrade any time. System will automatically analyze all career paths and generate comprehensive report. Our powerful Artificial intelligence engine will unlock all the career path analysis.

Is it too early for me for career counselling?

Candidates who are opting career counseling in early stages of their education life cycle, will be having high ratio of success. You will be having enough time to plan and execute the suggestions. Before venturing into career, take informed career decision. It will save lots of time and money.

Can I get face to face counseling near me?

Yes, definitely. We are having more than 1400+ empanelled career counselors across 48 + Locations. You can see their profiles, ratings, experience and book appointment online. No charges upfront.

What are the charges for face to face career counselling.

We provide counseling at most affordable price without compromising on quality. However it depends on location and years of experience. Charges start from as low as INR 2000

Who will be counselling me?

We are highest rated career counseling platform in India ( Source- Google reviews). Our empanelled career counselors are highly qualified, experienced and well trained. Our empaneled counselors have delivered more than 90,000 career counselings with highest ratings. You have the flexibility to choose the counsellor based on their experience and background.

Can I upgrade from free suitability to Face to face Career Counselling

Yes, definitely. After getting free suitability report of your selected career path, if you decide later to get detailed guidance from our career counsellors, you always have the option to upgrade to face to face counseling session near you. You can do so after completion of the assessment. You do not need to do separate assessment once again.

How can I make the payment?

We do not charge upfront for career assessment. Post completion of the assessment, you will be connected with best career counselor near you. You can pay directly to your career counselor through cash or online payment.

What is the duration of the career assessment?

Comprehensive career assessment takes around 45 minutes to complete.


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