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Fatema Rexinewala

31st of March 2020 | 13 Likes

A career counsellor will likely increase your chance to discover the right career for you. Which also helps you understnand your own fitment for different career paths.  It is a two way work, so you must be equally involved as well in order to contribute toward the results. An expert is capable to help you understand yourself well on various dimensions. These dimensions are critical for choosing the right career. There are very detailed analysis required and to exactly help you with this process, an expert is essential.


Edumilestones | M.A in Counseling Psychol...

31st of March 2020 | 11 Likes

Based on the advice given by the career counsellor, you decide your career path. So, it becomes imperative that career counselling is done by a seasoned expert who has got a sound knowledge about that particular field. A piece of good or bad advice can have a major impact on your career. 

A trained and expert career counsellor can make your career decisions very easy. 


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Ankit Agrawal

5th of April 2020 | 8 Likes

Following are highest payed jobs in 2020

Data science

Artificial intelligence

Investment Banker

Actuarial Science

Medical Science 

Chartered Accountant 

Internet of things



Edumilestones | M.A in Counseling Psychol...

4th of April 2020 | 4 Likes

Highest paying jobs in 2020 are:-

  1. Business Management
  2. Doctor
  3. Commercial Pilot
  4. Actor
  5. Chartered Accountant
  6. Company Secretary
  7. Cricketer
  8. Lawyer
  9. Civil Services
  10. Investment Banker

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The best sites for career counseling

Lot of career counseling sites are available in india and as I reside in Kolkata. Career Counseling site which provides the counseling services such as I Care, iDream, Sanjeevani career guidance and Counseling etc. They are providing their services differently and I don’t want to do any kinds of critics on them because they are doing their job as per their knowledge as they have. I always learned through my work experiences and I know that I am a “Certified Career Counselor “ and my work place “ENE+” is working with one of the India’s top most leading Career Counseling Service Provider “Edumilestones. I am not overly pride but I am confident for the overall service regard counseling and Career Counseling with Personal, Educational and Professional fields which I provide is unique and in the best way. I always try to give my level best which provides optimized stage in life of the clients.


Looking for your observation and reply.  You can visit :


Shalini Gupta

21st of August 2020 | 4 Likes

There are a lot of good sites for career counselling. Please find the list below some of the top websites for career counselling in India

  1. Edumilestones
  2. Career Guide
  3. Map my talent
  4. Dheya
  5. Career Futura
  6. Career Test
  7. National Career Service NCS

Above are the top career counselling and career guidance sites in India. 


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Anna R

5th of June 2021 | 2 Likes

You can pursue MS in Project Management in the USA. We have an excellent program from The Missouri State University. It's not just a PMP Globally Accredited Program but you will also be doing the full academic 2 years Masters Course. It is also a STEM Program and hence you will also be getting the 3 year OPT visa. The total tuition fee is less than 10lakhs (both years inclusive). This program is being offered under a 1+1 structure whereby the 1st year you can do online in India and the 2nd year you can do in the USA on campus and complete 18credits of the total 30 credits.

For more details [next intake is August 2021] and to check your eligibility, please contact me at 9513366117. 




Ankit Agrawal

16th of August 2020 | 1 Likes

Yes definitely, you can become a project manager with a B.Tech degree in CSE. I suggest you should do MBA in project management and after few years of experience, you can also go for PMP certification in project management. in CSE along with MBA in project management is having a huge scope. NMIMS and IIM are a very good option for project management.

The 2nd option is,  you can do a job after B.Tech and after 3 years of experience, you can do an executive MBA in project management-IT and also go for PMP certification.

for more details visit

All the best!


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Fatima Dadi | BSc. Hons. StatsComp. Pro...

31st of July 2021 | 0 Likes

following are the universities or colleges offering sports data analytics:

  1. IIM - Kozhikode
  2. GNIMS- Mumbai
  3. Sports KPI -Banglore
  4. indira Gandhi Institue of Physical Education and Sports ScienceFor more options you can comtact me and avail of a free profiling of options available.

Edumilestones | M.A in Counseling Psychol...

8th of January 2021 | 0 Likes

With more number of sports leagues coming up, India has become a hot spot for sports. The sports industry is a very rewarding and profitable industry. It is witnessing an upsurge and is indicating a great need of professionals at various skill levels.

These are the colleges which offer sports data analytics courses in India

1. Alagappa University - Tamil Nadu

2. Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Science - New Delhi

3. Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management - West Bengal

4. University of Technology and Management - Meghalaya

5. International Institute of Sports Management - Maharashtra

6. National Academy of Sports Management - Maharashtra

7. Centurion University of Technology and Management - Orissa

8. Symbiosis School of Sports Science - Pune

Hope it helps.


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