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Comprehensive Career program In Sports

A Comprehensive 2-month  program to prepare individuals for a career in sports. A combination of Assessment, Report, Personal mentorship, Sports course, Project in sports industry  and access to jobs in sports industry all inclusive in one program.

  • Identify best sports verticle
  • Exclusive 1:1 session with a sports industry expert
  • Online sports management course
  • Industry Project & Certification
  • 1Yr Access to the best jobs in sports industry

About Program

The greatest challenge to form a successful career in the sports management industry is to know what opportunities lie in the industry and where you fit into the industry. Our program tells you just that. The SPORSCORR assessment aims to understand the width and depth of their passion for sport, and your current knowledge and understanding of roles and gives you an objective and scientific analysis of the job verticals suited for you in the industry. 


SPORSCONSLT is a 1:1 exclusive session with a sports industry expert which provides you invaluable guidance and analysis of your aspirations with the information available through the SPORSCORR report.


SPORPRREP are unique, sharp, practical and exclusive training modules a-la Masterclass, that have been created with industry experts. These are based of real-life scenarios and practical learning which will encourage you to think out of the box and will also develop the tendency to approach a situation from different perspectives.



1. Digital Media (Total modules – 16)

Module 1: Introduction (About the Module)

Module 2: Understanding Digital Media (What is digital media, and why is it important to a sporting entity)

Module 3: Digital Media Platforms (Types of digital media platforms and their relevance in India)

Module 4: Strategy - Part I - The Message (Crafting the rights message by asking What, Who, Why, and How)

Module 5: Strategy - Part II - The Execution (Executing a digital media strategy)

Module 6: Strategy - Part III – Measurement (Data points to be tracked in order to gauge the success of a digital media campaign)

Module 7: Data & Analytics (Why using data and its analysis is better to make strategy decisions)

Module 8: Federation Strategy (A sports federation's digital media objectives & strategy)

Module 9: Club (or) Team Strategy (A sports club's or team's digital media objectives & strategy)

Module 10: Brand Strategy (A sports brand's digital media objectives & strategy)

Module 11: Athlete (or) Talent Strategy (An athlete's digital media objectives & strategy)

Module 12: Sports Non-Profit Strategy (A sports non-profit digital media objectives & strategy)

Module 13: Understanding Your Fan (The stages of a sports fan's evolution)

Module 14: Fan Engagement (The three pillars of fan engagement in digital media)

Module 15: Crisis Management (Defining, addressing and averting a digital media crisis)

Module 16: Summary


  2. Operations (Total modules – 13)

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Roles in Sports Operations (Listing the different areas and the kinds of roles available in sports events operations)

Module 3: Administration (The role of an administration team which is the apex team that oversees operations at a sports event)

Module4: Venue Management (A venue management team ensures the venue is event-ready and takes care of everything from entry to exit)

Module 5: Match Operations (A highly specialised role, match operations ensures the event meets all the necessary regulations)

Module 6: Accreditation (Accreditation is key to distinguish spectators from personnel who are at the sports venue for official purposes)

Module 7: Event Management (An event management team ensures a smooth and seamless experience for both spectators and other teams involved at an event)

Module 8: Fan Engagement (Engaging fans and non-fans before, during and after the game is a critical part of sports events operations.)

Module 9: Entertainment (Entertainment is not just restricted to fun; creating a show flow and ensuring the event flows well is crucial)

Module 10: Security (Ensuring spectators have a safe and secure experience at a sports event)

Module 11: Hospitality (The VIP section of a sports venue that hosts team and league owners, sponsors and other important officials)

Module 12: Team Support Staff (Breaking down Team support staff such as Team Manager, Analyst and Logistics Manager)

Module 13: Summary

3. Athlete Management (Total modules – 15)

Module 1: Introduction (About the Module)

Module 2: Roles - Agent vs Manager (The role of a player agent vs. the role of an athlete manager)

Module 3: Administrative Tasks (Administrative tasks undertaken when managing an athlete)

Module 4: Signing an Athlete - Part I (Breaking down the process of signing to manage an athlete)

Module 5: Signing an Athlete - Part II (Breaking down the process of signing to manage an athlete)

Module 6: The Management Contract (Elements and their importance in drawing up an athlete management contract)

Module 7: Ethics in Managing an Athlete (An athlete manager's behaviour must conform to the highest standards of ethics)

Module 8: Earning & Building Trust (How would you earn and build trust in your relationship with an athlete)

Module 9: Keeping Your Athlete Motivated (Discussing how one would keep their athlete motivated through a tough personal or professional phase)

Module 10: Sales & Sponsorship Part I (Crafting a sales & sponsorship strategy for an athlete)

Module 11: Sales & Sponsorship Part II (Legal) (Crafting a legal contract for an athlete's sales & sponsorship deal)

Module 12: Day-to-day Tasks Part I – Commercial (Daily commercial tasks undertaken by an athlete manager)

Module 13: Day to day Tasks Part II – Logistics (Daily logistical tasks undertaken by an athlete manager)

Module 14: Renewing the Management Contract (Steps undertaken to renew an athlete management contract)

Module 15: Summary

4. Sales & Sponsorships (Total modules – 15)

Module 1: Introduction 

Module 2: Measurement (ROI vs ROO - measuring the impact of a sales & sponsorship campaign)

Module 3: Team (or) Franchise Strategy (Crafting a sales & sponsorship strategy for a team (or) franchise)

Module4: League (or) Tournament Strategy (Crafting a sales & sponsorship strategy for a league (or) tournament)

Module 5: Federation (or) Association Strategy (Crafting a sales & sponsorship strategy for a federation (or) association)

Module 6: Athlete Sponsorship (Crafting a sales & sponsorship strategy for an athlete)

Module 7: Do's and Don'ts in Sales (What not to do is just as important as what to do in an efficient and effective sales process)

Module 8: The Process (A step-by-step breakdown of the entire sales & sponsorship process)

Module 9: Understanding the Sponsor (A sponsor's objectives need to align with the value a sporting entity brings to the table)

Module 10: Intangibles (Intangible benefits are those that the sponsor never expected to happen)

Module 11: Closing the Deal (Nothing is set in stone until the deal is signed)

Module 12: Contract & Legal Matters (Crafting a legal contract for a sales & sponsorship deal)

Module 13: Collections (Payment schedules, invoicing, and tax related issues)

Module 14: Customer Relationship Management (Managing the sponsor's expectations, and keeping the sponsor updated)

Module 15: Contract Renewal (Steps undertaken to renew a sales & sponsorship contract)

5. Broadcast (Total modules – 9)

Module 1: Introduction to LIVE Sports Broadcasting

Module 2: Roles in Broadcasting

Module 3: Producer's Role and Responsibilities

Module 4: Director's Roles and Responsibilities

Module 5: Presenter's Roles and Responsibilities

Module 6: Tips and Tricks to become an effective presenter

Module 7: Putting a live broadcast together

Module 8: Sports acquisitions

Module 9: Your path to a career in broadcasting




SPORSCORR Assessment: A smart assessment which consists of 3 sections, Passion Proficiency and Personality. 

SPORCONSLT consulting: Exclusive 1:1 session with a sports industry expert. 

SPORPRREP course: Unique, sharp, practical and exclusive training modules

Eligibility – Graduate

Real-life industry project (based on availability)

Certification: Sporjo Certified Professional



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