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Connect with us for a mutually beneficial Project. Special solutions for Government, High traffic websites, CSR and NGO Projects

Certified Career Analyst

Career Counselling Course for Aspiring Counsellors

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Why Certified Career Analyst

  • 12+ Years Expertise
  • 6500+ Trained
  • Highest rated 4.9/5 Google Reviews

About Program

To pursue a career in career counselling, it's essential to enroll in an accredited course that offers a comprehensive curriculum covering career development theories, assessment tools, counselling techniques, various education system, ethics, and diversity considerations.

Online Career Counselling courses provide learners with the flexibility to learn and engage with counselling techniques from virtually any location. These online courses offer a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical insights, preparing participants to guide individuals in making informed decisions about their careers.

A Certified Career Analyst is a professional career counselling course. Any graduate with minimum 3 years of experience, working professional, psychologist, educator can apply for this course. There is total 15 Credits are required to appear in certified career analyst exam.

Key Takeaways

  • 1 Month Duration
  • 50+ Hrs of Live Training
  • Dual Accredited Certification
  • Career Counselling Platform Setup
  • One time Setup no Renewals
  • 18+ training modules
  • Global Empanelment
  • Lifelong Knowledge Series Access
  • Training By R. Padmanaban

Career Counsellor Roadmap

  • . Start Own Career Counselling
  • . Industry Ready

Course & Curriculum

Career Counselling and Career Analysis Modules

  • Introduction to Career Counselling Industry
  • Career Counselling Process
  • Psychometric Theories used in career counselling globally
  • Career Personality Analysis
  • Career Interest analysis
  • Career Motivators analysis
  • Learning Style Analysis
  • Emotional Quotient Analysis
Module 2: One Dimensional Career Analysis
  • One Dimensional Career analysis methodology
  • Career Path selection based on one dimensional analysis
  • Case studies
Module 3: Multiple Dimensional Career Analysis
  • Core Methodology for multiple dimensions career analysis
  • Most suitable career path identification.
  • Career Scenarios
  • Career clusters and career paths analysis
  • Case Studies and exercises
Module 4: Pre-counselling Structure and Insights
  • Pre-counselling template
  • Pre-counselling process flow
  • Pre-counselling information analysis
  • Core Methodology for multiple dimensions career analysis
  • Career Counselling template
  • Career counselling process flow
  • Career Analysis and Career Counselling for 5th Class student
  • Career Analysis and Career Counselling for 8th to 10th Class Students
  • areer Analysis and Career Counselling for 11th and 12th Class Students
  • Career Counselling for graduates
  • Career Counselling for Professionals
  • Subject selector analysis
  • Overview of New age Career paths
  • Introduction to career Library
Module 7: Colleges Selection
  • Understanding College selection criteria
  • How to find out suitable college for the student
  • How to prepare admission plan and career roadmap for the candidate
  • Step by step flow of actual career counselling
  • Career analysis template
  • Do's and Don't
  • Case Studies of actual career counselling
  • Understanding the expectations and Problem Statement
  • Conflict management related to career selection
  • Objection Handling Techniques
  • Case studies

Psychometric Assessment and Platform Training

Module 10: Psychometric Career Assessment Tool
  • Overview of career assessment tool (CCPA)
  • Importance of assessment tool in applied career counselling
  • The scientific methodology used behind assessments
  • How to administer the assessment
  • Dos and Don’ts
Module 11: Career Counselling Practice using Technology Platform (CCPA)
  • How to start career counselling practice using assessment and Technology Platform
  • Navigating 18 Career Clusters and 175+ Career Paths
  • How to deliver counselling efficiently using 32 pages comprehensive career report generated by the platform
Module 12: Dedicated Career Counsellor CRM Panel Training
  • How to activate the report
  • How to generate multiple reports of different career paths
  • How to view students reports and details
  • How to manage the students profile using technology
  • Various Advance functionalities of CRM
  • Career Library
  • How to Set your own Pricing for Career Counselling
  • Practical use cases
Module 13: Lead Generation Strategies
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is the need for your target audience to approach you for career counselling service?
  • How to attract your own leads and become independently successful?
  • How to create visibility online and offline?
  • How to get your first 50 customers?
  • What is 'Referral Partner Network' and how to create your local 'Referral Partners Network'?
  • How to approach and implement career counselling in Schools?
  • How to set up your 'Perpetual Lead generation system’ for rapid growth?

Career Counselling Business Training

Module 14: Objection Handling
  • Top 10 excuses and ultimate responses to convince your customers immediately
  • Why your customer shouldn't delay for career counselling?
Module 15: Marketing and Branding Techniques
  • Pitch Script
  • Marketing material
  • Price exploration for different cities
  • How to establish your brand and become a successful career counsellor
  • Do's and Dont's of Career Counselling Marketing
  • Case studies of a most successful career counselor
Module 16: Business Plan Preparation
  • Preparing the business objective for 3 months, 6 months and 1 year
  • Preparing the Checklist of marketing activities for 3 months, 6 months and 1 year
  • How to achieve your marketing objectives?
Module 17: Handholding Practical’s
  • Hand holding and joint report interpretation for first 5 Live cases
  • Practical guidance on interpretation and career solution delivery
  • 5 assignments submission to mentor
  • 3 CCA mock Test
  • Offline training material
  • Career counselling training videos
  • CCA Exam
  • CCA Certification
  • Career Counsellor Empanelment

Best Career Counselling Course
10,000+ Learners Across Globe

Exceptional Training and Support at Edumilestones!

I recently had the privilege of receiving career counseling training from Edumilestones, and I cannot express how grateful I am for the exceptional experience. From the moment I stepped into their program, I felt welcomed and supported by their outstanding team of professionals.

If you're considering a career in counseling or looking to enhance your counseling skills, I wholeheartedly recommend Edumilestones. They are a trusted training provider, and their team's commitment to your success is unparalleled. Thank you, Edumilestones, for the invaluable support and guidance!

Sirajuddin Tajuddin

a month ago

I joined Edumilestone's CCA programme and came to know about it, through Instagram . I must share my experience that I was in search of some opportunity professionally since I had taken a break from my teachers training profession. So after five years again ,I was thinking to do something great. After joining Edumilestone,I felt so relieved because here the courses are designed so well that a person is supported fully by the team. Mrs Radha took our theory classes and I was amazed at her knowledge in depth. She guides so well that we go ahead in our journey to learn.

Mr Vipin himself gave us lesson on marketing and Ms Sheezu from technical support team is just very prompt. Mr Azim is always guiding us with his professional approach. I am glad that I joined a place where all genius are working together towards guiding the youth of whole world. Thanks a ton for preparing me for my second innings.👍

Sukhjeet Mahal

4 months ago

Edumilestones has been an incredible platform for My Learning Curve. It has equipped me as a Counselor to share relevant information, all under one platform with a seamless CRM, supported by an amazing team. Special shout-out to Haleema, Satish, and Sheeju for their outstanding contributions. The team is highly responsive and open to feedback, which fosters a great environment for adaptation and growth. Keep up the fantastic work, you guys!

Natasha Parikh

2 months ago

I believe this organization is one of the best place to join hands with. The people out here are always ready to help. They are very proactive in their inputs. Also they are very flexible and understanding when it comes to business dealings. Their commitment and professionalism is fantastic and their helping attitude towards their associates are of very high standard. I am so much happy being associated with them. Thank you Radha Ma'am for your amazing training sessions and developing our all dimensions☺️. Thanks Vipin sir for enhancing my marketing skills, thanks Azeem, Sneha , Sheeju and Ankit for all your support and help.. Glad to be a part of this organization. Edumilestone rocks 👏🏻👏🏻

Sadhna Tyagi

a month ago

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application process to join this programme?

To apply for a career counselor course, you'll start by evaluating your suitability for the field, considering your educational background, interests, and sometimes undergoing a career assessment. Meeting the program's specific admission criteria and adhering to application deadlines are crucial steps. In your application materials, emphasize your motivation and preparedness for a career in counseling. If accepted, follow the enrollment instructions given by the institution or training provider. Remember that requirements may differ among programs, so it's vital to thoroughly research and pay attention to details throughout the application process.

How is the career in career counselling?

India faces a pressing need for 1.5 million career counselors to establish an equitable student-to-counselor ratio, given its current population of 15 lakh. Currently, only 10,000 trained career counselors are available, highlighting a significant shortfall. Notably, 83% of these trained professionals opt to launch their independent career counseling practices due to the overwhelming demand. On average, career counselors can earn between 60,000 to 1 lakh per month, conducting approximately 20 counseling sessions monthly, each with fees ranging from 3,000 to 8,000 per candidate. With career counseling becoming mandatory in schools, there's also a critical shortage of school-based career counselors.

What is the criteria to be certified career counsellor?

To become a certified career counselor, a minimum of a bachelor's degree and at least 3 years of professional experience are required. Individuals from diverse backgrounds, including educators, psychologists, HR professionals, and management experts, can pursue certification in career counseling.

Can non psychology candidates become a career counsellor?

Yes, individuals without a background in psychology can certainly become career counselors. Many career counseling programs and certifications are open to candidates from various educational backgrounds, including education, business, management, and other fields. What's essential is acquiring the necessary knowledge, skills, and training in career counseling through relevant programs and certifications, which can prepare individuals to effectively guide others in making informed career decisions.

Explain career counseling certification and accreditation in the field?

The Certified Career Analyst program is a dual-accredited certification course recognized by both BCPA-India and ACCPH-UK. Upon successfully passing the examination, individuals are entitled to use the 'Certified Career Analyst' designation in their professional profiles.