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5 Dimensional highly accurate Career Assessment. Get 32+ Comprehensive Career Report with the detailed execution plan.

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Check your career suitability across 3000+ Occupations in 30 minutes. Take an informed career decision. Get free analysis.

Abroad Studies Counselling

End to End Abroad studies guidance and application process handling across 14+ Countries and 30,000 universities. Check your profile and college fitment

Career Research and Knowledge Tools

College Predictor analysis with your target colleges. Career Analysis and research tools

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Start your own career counselling practice in 3 weeks. Get Professional Training, Certification and Industry Leading Assessment platform.

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Start your own study abroad counselling services in 2 weeks. Learn the admission process for 35+ popular study abroad destinations

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Industry-leading Career Assessment Platform for Career Counsellors. More than 35+ Career Assessments starting from 5th class to Senior Professionals

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Career and Motivational workshops by industry-leading experts. Highly renowned and acclaimed speakers. Top speakers like Ajit Kayakani, Dr Chinu Agarwal

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Dedicated technology-enabled Career Lab in schools. Career Assessment, Course selection, college suitability match and many more

Strategic Alliances

Connect with us for a mutually beneficial Project. Special solutions for Government, High traffic websites, CSR and NGO Projects

Our CCA Course Global Accreditations and Associations

Edumilestones recognized by APCDA Edumilestones recognized by IIAP Edumilestones recognized by Samudra Foundation Edumilestones recognized by CCIS Edumilestones recognized by Psyuni

* Certified Career Analyst is an International Dual Accredited Career Counsellor Course. It is recognized by Bhartiya Counselling Psychology Association (BCPA-India) and ACCPH-UK

Career Counsellor Program Overview


Live Training on Psychometric Concepts
5 Days - 3 hrs/day


Psychometric Assessment Platform Training
2 Days - 4 Hrs/day


Career Counsellor Business Set-up Training
1 Day - 4 Hrs


Assignments and Case Studies
3 Assignments Submission to mentor


Self-Paced Study Material
15 Days career counsellor library


Live Hand-holdings/Case-supervisions
5 Real Cases


CCA Mock Exam Practice Test
3 Practice Test


CCA Final Exam and Certification
1 Day


Access to Live Knowledge Series Webinars
Life-time access


Career Counsellor Empanelment
CCA counsellor empanelment for residing country


Career Counsellor Platform Set-Up
20-essentials-in-one technology platform


Dedicated Support
24*7 Tech-Support

Most Successful Career Counsellors are Trained and Powered by Us

Certified Career Analyst (CCA) is highest rated career counsellor course in India. Since 2010, it is considered as Industry benchmark. Career Counsellors from diverse backgrounds are fully trained and their technology platforms are powered by us. We have created India's largest career counsellor ecosystem. More than 4200+ career counsellors are currently practicing across 100+ locations in India and 22+ countries globally.

Why CCA Program is Considered Benchmark in Industry


Career Counsellors need training on Applied Career Counselling.*


Counsellors need assessment tool to start their own practice efficiently.*


Career Counsellors need initial Hand-holding to start their Career Counselling Practice.*


Career Counsellors need certification and Industry Recognition.*


Certified Career Counsellors


Hours of CCA Training

8 Lacs+

Hours of Post Training Support


Career Counsellor's Platform Set-up for Practice

4 Lacs+

Career Counselling's done by Trained and Certified Career Counsellors

* Statistics are based on the survey conducted among 1000 career counsellors in 2020

Our Certified Career Analyst Counsellors are Present Globally

Are you an Aspiring Career Counsellor?

Are you looking for an online International Career Counselling Course? Do you want live training by an expert trainer? Here is the best International Career Counselling Course.

Certified career analyst is a most comprehensive course to learn applied career counselling techniques. The course will be delivered by the best career counselling trainers in the industry, which leads to an unparalleled learning experience. Complete training is divided across 18+ Modules and 80+ sub-sections. Post completion of the course and exam, the candidate will be awarded certified career analyst certification, highly recognized globally.

Why Certified Career Analyst is Best International Career Counselling Course?

International Career Counselling Course can act as your stepping stone towards building a successful career in career counselling. Professional certification courses in career counselling allow you to learn and master the entire landscape of career counselling and psychometric assessments. This course will teach you all the fundamental concepts of applied career counselling, psychometric analysis, career assessment platform and counselling related business concepts.

Online Career counselling course and certification will increase the credibility and reach considering the shortage of career counsellors globally. When you combine a career counselling course and certification with a career assessment platform, your market value increases.

Certified Career Analyst is an excellent International Career Counselling Course offered by Edumilestones. This course is specially designed for aspiring career counsellors. Apart from a detailed curriculum delivered by an expert trainer, every participant will also get handholding and an industry-leading career counselling platform to set up a career counselling business globally.

Career counselling course is unique and spans anywhere between 1-3 months. The course is divided into 18+ modules comprising of applied career counselling concepts, case studies, assignments covering a wide range of report interpretations for students, graduates and professionals.

Career Counselling and Career Analysis Modules

  • Introduction to Career Counselling Industry
  • Career Counselling Process
  • Psychometric Theories used in career counselling globally
  • Career Personality Analysis
  • Career Interest analysis
  • Career Motivators analysis
  • Learning Style Analysis
  • Emotional Quotient Analysis
Module 2: One Dimensional Career Analysis
  • One Dimensional Career analysis methodology
  • Career Path selection based on one dimensional analysis
  • Case studies
Module 3: Multiple Dimensional Career Analysis
  • Core Methodology for multiple dimensions career analysis
  • Most suitable career path identification.
  • Career Scenarios
  • Career clusters and career paths analysis
  • Case Studies and exercises
Module 4: Pre-counselling Structure and Insights
  • Pre-counselling template
  • Pre-counselling process flow
  • Pre-counselling information analysis
  • Core Methodology for multiple dimensions career analysis
  • Career Counselling template
  • Career counselling process flow
  • Career Analysis and Career Counselling for 5th Class student
  • Career Analysis and Career Counselling for 8th to 10th Class Students
  • areer Analysis and Career Counselling for 11th and 12th Class Students
  • Career Counselling for graduates
  • Career Counselling for Professionals
  • Subject selector analysis
  • Overview of New age Career paths
  • Introduction to career Library
Module 7: Colleges Selection
  • Understanding College selection criteria
  • How to find out suitable college for the student
  • How to prepare admission plan and career roadmap for the candidate
  • Step by step flow of actual career counselling
  • Career analysis template
  • Do's and Don't
  • Case Studies of actual career counselling
  • Understanding the expectations and Problem Statement
  • Conflict management related to career selection
  • Objection Handling Techniques
  • Case studies

Psychometric Assessment and Platform Training

Module 10: Psychometric Career Assessment Tool
  • Overview of career assessment tool (CCPA)
  • Importance of assessment tool in applied career counselling
  • The scientific methodology used behind assessments
  • How to administer the assessment
  • Dos and Don’ts
Module 11: Career Counselling Practice using Technology Platform (CCPA)
  • How to start career counselling practice using assessment and Technology Platform
  • Navigating 18 Career Clusters and 175+ Career Paths
  • How to deliver counselling efficiently using 32 pages comprehensive career report generated by the platform
Module 12: Dedicated Career Counsellor CRM Panel Training
  • How to activate the report
  • How to generate multiple reports of different career paths
  • How to view students reports and details
  • How to manage the students profile using technology
  • Various Advance functionalities of CRM
  • Career Library
  • How to Set your own Pricing for Career Counselling
  • Practical use cases
Module 13: Lead Generation Strategies
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is the need for your target audience to approach you for career counselling service?
  • How to attract your own leads and become independently successful?
  • How to create visibility online and offline?
  • How to get your first 50 customers?
  • What is 'Referral Partner Network' and how to create your local 'Referral Partners Network'?
  • How to approach and implement career counselling in Schools?
  • How to set up your 'Perpetual Lead generation system’ for rapid growth?

Career Counselling Business Training

Module 14: Objection Handling
  • Top 10 excuses and ultimate responses to convince your customers immediately
  • Why your customer shouldn't delay for career counselling?
Module 15: Marketing and Branding Techniques
  • Pitch Script
  • Marketing material
  • Price exploration for different cities
  • How to establish your brand and become a successful career counsellor
  • Do's and Dont's of Career Counselling Marketing
  • Case studies of a most successful career counselor
Module 16: Business Plan Preparation
  • Preparing the business objective for 3 months, 6 months and 1 year
  • Preparing the Checklist of marketing activities for 3 months, 6 months and 1 year
  • How to achieve your marketing objectives?
Module 17: Handholding Practical’s
  • Hand holding and joint report interpretation for first 5 Live cases
  • Practical guidance on interpretation and career solution delivery
  • 5 assignments submission to mentor
  • 3 CCA mock Test
  • Offline training material
  • Career counselling training videos
  • CCA Exam
  • CCA Certification
  • Career Counsellor Empanelment

Who Should Take the Career Counselling Course?

  • Teachers
  • Psychologists and Counsellors
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Educationists
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Psychology students
  • Social Science
  • Doctorates
  • Study Abroad Consultants
  • Management Professionals

Certified Career Analyst - International Career Counsellor Certification

International Career Counsellor Certificate

Some Success Stories of Certified Career Analysts

Our Program Pricing

CCA Training & Certification

400 USD

  • Certified Career Analyst Training
    (Modules 1-9)
    (Live Zoom sessions+ Career Videos + Self-paced Content)
  • 20+ hours of intensive and practical training for gaining Professional Expertise
  • Conceptual and Practical understanding through real case studies, counselling procedures and counselling delivery.
  • Hand-holdings on assignments and case-studies.
  • Hassle Free online and live training sessions.
  • CCA Professional Certification after the online exam.
  • Lifetime Access to new and updated learning materials online for upskilling.
  • Telephonic Support for solving your queries.

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CCA + Eduprenuer Program (CCA-EDP)

800 USD

  • Certified Career Analyst Training
    (Modules 1-9)
    (Live Zoom sessions+ Career Videos + Self-paced Content)
  • Career Assessment & Technology Platform Training (Modules 10-13)
  • Career Counselling Business & Marketing Strategy Training (Modules 14-18)
  • Hand-holding sessions for 5 Real Career Counselling Cases and interpretations
  • Certified Career Analyst (CCA) Online Exam Fees included
  • Become Certified Career Analyst (CCA)
  • Career Assessment and Counselling your own Branded Platform to set up your own career counselling business successfully.
  • Dedicated Customized Webpage
  • Co-branded Reports to put across your brand details in front of candidates
  • Dedicated CRM for counsellors
  • Set your Own Pricing and Process
  • 20 Access Codes to generate 20 Comprehensive Career Report for students and professionals. Lifetime Validity.
  • Access to all Career Assessments

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Career Counselling Assessment Technology Platform

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  • Cobranded or Whitelabelled career assessment technology platform.
  • Large Battery of Assessments catering from 5th std students to 20+ yrs experienced professionals.
  • Most Comprehensive 32 Pages Report with the execution plan.
  • Career Assessments available in English for wider reach.
  • Online and Offline administration of assessment available for scalability.
  • Dedicated CRM Panel for you to Manage Students Profiles, Career Reports, and Analysis.
  • Access to Career Library with more than 300+ career path videos.
  • Provision to Onboard Multiple Career Counselling Associates under you and integrate them into your CRM.
  • Initial 10 Complimentary Access Codes with no expiry date.
  • No hidden charges or annual maintenance charges.
  • On going and Continuous Technical Support.
  • 50 Free Suitability Assessment Reports and search bar to generate leads for your career counselling service.
  • 20 Access Codes to generate 20 Comprehensive Career Report for students and professionals. Lifetime Validity.
  • Know about white-labelling

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Videos that every career counsellor must Watch It's Free

Demand for becoming a Career Counsellor

India is in dire need of career counsellors. We need 1.5 million career counsellors for 350 million youth population. i.e for every 250 students we need 1 career counsellor. Many people prefer to become a career counsellor and opt for Career counselling as a career.

Secret REVEALED behind accurate career analysis for counsellors

Learn core methodology and analysis behind the career assessment to find a most suitable career path for the candidate. This video is prepared for career counsellors who want to learn new concepts, career analysis and techniques of career counselling.

Career Counsellor should AVOID these 5 mistakes

Let's check out what are those 5 mistakes that every career counsellor should avoid to become a successful career counsellor. Making mistakes and learning from them is a conventional process that everybody unknowingly and unintentionally follows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Program will help me to start my own career counselling practice?

CCA-Edupreneur is structured for those who intend to take a enterprising approach to career counselling by setting up their own career counselling venture whether they are an individual or a company. It is a comprehensive program designed from 10 years of research and development that integrates skill and technology to equip you to build a scalable career counselling business

What is the duration and structure of CCA career counselling training?

It is a total 1 month program, which can be stretched upto 3 months of time. 1st week is live-online training in a limited batch, and rest 3 weeks are 1-to1 live training with the trainer, in a self paced manner. You will be engaged in real case studies, assignments and practice tests, followed by exam and certification. We also provide live real-case supervision support too.

What is the mode of CCA training?

Training is provided on psychometric theories and analysis used in career counselling. It is delivered online in a highly engaging environment with the use of practical applications. 70% of the CCA syllabus is delivered live to a limited number of participants per batch by a well qualified instructor. A video conferencing application like Zoom is used to conduct live training.

Who is eligible to take the CCA program? Is a psychology background required?

No.Psychology background is not mandatory. CCA program syllabus is extremely thorough covering all facets of applied career counselling that is graspable by most. Though it may seem like a career for only those from psychology background, there are a high number of people from different backgrounds like consulting, management, engineering, accountancy, teaching and more who opt to become career counsellors.

What is the procedure to get my CCA Certificate?

After completing the training, you need to appear for a final evaluation in the form of an online exam conducted on Saturdays only. This exam is mandatory to be able to qualify for a CCA Certificate. Minimum of 65% marks must be secured to receive the Certified Career Analyst certification.

Why is CCA the highest rated international certification program?

CCA (Certified Career Analyst) program has been considered as an industry benchmark. It is the most comprehensive program that teaches applied career counselling using psychometric theories and provides methodologies of career analysis for the most accurate results. More than 3,400 career counsellors in over 22 countries have been empowered with the CCA Certification program and Edumilestones enabled assessment platform. Another reason CCA certification is preferred is because of its high accreditations and global recognition that immensely boosts the career counsellor’s credibility. It is accredited and recognized by behemoths of authority in the industry such as,
APCDA (Asia Pacific Career Development Association), IAAP USA (International Association of Applied Psychology), ACCPH UK (Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists), BCPA INDIA (Bharatiya Counselling Psychology Association),

What type of support will I get after program completion?

Our robust support team will be assigned to you for support including the 24X7 technical support. For the first 5 real cases, you will receive complete hand holding in the form of case supervisions. The main objective is to help you feel self assured in your skills and be well prepared for the end to end process used during career counselling.
Our support will also be available to you throughout your journey from setting up your professional practice with our technology platform to operating and expanding it with right business strategies. Additionally, you get lifelong access to various marketing materials such as new promotional posters every week. Constant knowledge upgradation is necessary to succeed in this Industry, hence you will get exclusive access to our updated LMS (Learning Management System) with content to give you an edge over other professionals in the market.

Does this program add value to my investment?

Absolutely. You get the highest rated certification with accreditation and recognition from some of the Industry leading authority bodies shooting up your credibility as a Career Counsellor. The platform you receive is unparalleled in the career counselling industry for its features that are based on 10+ years of research and development. The topnotch training you receive in career counselling and business strategies are industry tested to work. For all these solutions, market value easily exceeds 5000 USD to 10000 USD not including the additional maintenance and support costs.
With us, you only pay one time setup charge with no annual maintenance fees and no renewal fees. To assist in helping you recover your costs and start getting return on your investment, you will be given access to 10 complimentary access codes. This will help in opening up your services to the market as soon as you finish training.

How much will I be able to earn after program completion?

How many clients do you think you can handle? That is one of the primary parameters to calculate your earning potential. Another parameter will be your professional service fee that you charge from your career counselling sessions. Due to a very high demand, your earning potential is only limited to how many clients you can handle. We advise the charges to be determined depending on demographics. For reference, we have given a simple math based on how much our career counsellors earn for their counselling services for students and professionals.
With the most basic level of effort, counsellors will be able to handle 3 clients per week i.e. 12 clients per month x 12 months = approx. 144 clients per year.Considering an average fee of 20 USD, earning potential is 2880 USD annually.