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Start your own career counselling practice in 3 weeks. Get Professional Training, Certification and Industry Leading Assessment platform.

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Career and Motivational workshops by industry-leading experts. Highly renowned and acclaimed speakers. Top speakers like Ajit Kayakani, Dr Chinu Agarwal

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Dedicated technology-enabled Career Lab in schools. Career Assessment, Course selection, college suitability match and many more

Strategic Alliances

Connect with us for a mutually beneficial Project. Special solutions for Government, High traffic websites, CSR and NGO Projects

  • 18+Modules
  • LiveTraining
  • LifelongKnowledge Updation
  • 5Free Handholdings

Career Counselling and Career Analysis Modules

  • Introduction to Career Counselling Industry
  • Career Counselling Process
  • Psychometric Theories used in career counselling globally
  • Career Personality Analysis
  • Career Interest analysis
  • Career Motivators analysis
  • Learning Style Analysis
  • Emotional Quotient Analysis
Module 3: One Dimensional Career Analysis
  • One Dimensional Career analysis methodology
  • Career Path selection based on one dimensional analysis
  • Case studies
Module 4: Multiple Dimensional Career Analysis
  • Core Methodology for multiple dimensions career analysis
  • Most suitable career path identification.
  • Career Scenarios
  • Career clusters and career paths analysis
  • Case Studies and exercises
Module 5: Pre-counselling Structure and Insights
  • Pre-counselling template
  • Pre-counselling process flow
  • Pre-counselling information analysis
  • Core Methodology for multiple dimensions career analysis
  • Career Counselling template
  • Career counselling process flow
  • Career Analysis and Career Counselling for 5th Class student
  • Career Analysis and Career Counselling for 8th to 10th Class Students
  • Career Analysis and Career Counselling for 11th and 12th Class Students
  • Career Counselling for graduates
  • Career Counselling for Professionals
  • Subject selector analysis
  • Overview of New age Career paths
  • Introduction to career Library
Module 8: Colleges Selection
  • Understanding College selection criteria
  • How to find out suitable college for the student
  • How to prepare admission plan and career roadmap for the candidate
  • Step by step flow of actual career counselling
  • Career analysis template
  • Do's and Don't
  • Case Studies of actual career counselling
  • Understanding the expectations and Problem Statement
  • Conflict management related to career selection
  • Objection Handling Techniques
  • Case studies

Psychometric Assessment and Platform Training

Module 11: Psychometric Career Assessment Tool
  • Overview of career assessment tool (CCPA)
  • Importance of assessment tool in applied career counselling
  • The scientific methodology used behind assessments
  • How to administer the assessment
  • Dos and Don’ts
Module 12: Career Counselling Practice using Technology Platform (CCPA)
  • How to start career counselling practice using assessment and Technology Platform
  • Navigating 18 Career Clusters and 175+ Career Paths
  • How to deliver counselling efficiently using 32 pages comprehensive career report generated by the platform
Module 13: Dedicated Career Counsellor CRM Panel Training
  • How to activate the report
  • How to generate multiple reports of different career paths
  • How to view students reports and details
  • How to manage the students profile using technology
  • Various Advance functionalities of CRM
  • Career Library
  • How to Set your own Pricing for Career Counselling
  • Practical use cases
Module 14: Lead Generation Strategies
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is the need for your target audience to approach you for career counselling service?
  • How to attract your own leads and become independently successful?
  • How to create visibility online and offline?
  • How to get your first 50 customers?
  • What is 'Referral Partner Network' and how to create your local 'Referral Partners Network'?
  • How to approach and implement career counselling in Schools?
  • How to set up your 'Perpetual Lead generation system’ for rapid growth?

Career Counselling Business Training

Module 15: Objection Handling
  • Top 10 excuses and ultimate responses to convince your customers immediately
  • Why your customer shouldn't delay for career counselling?
Module 16: Marketing and Branding Techniques
  • Pitch Script
  • Marketing material
  • Price exploration for different cities
  • How to establish your brand and become a successful career counsellor
  • Do's and Dont's of Career Counselling Marketing
  • Case studies of a most successful career counselor
Module 17: Business Plan Preparation
  • Preparing the business objective for 3 months, 6 months and 1 year
  • Preparing the Checklist of marketing activities for 3 months, 6 months and 1 year
  • How to achieve your marketing objectives?
Module 18: Handholding Practical’s
  • Hand holding and joint report interpretation for first 5 Live cases
  • Practical guidance on interpretation and career solution delivery
  • 5 assignments submission to mentor
  • 3 CCA mock Test
  • Offline training material
  • Career counselling training videos
  • CCA Exam
  • CCA Certification
  • Career Counsellor Empanelment

Lifelong access to Knowledge webinars

Career counselling knowledge is not limited to course. It is required constant updating. After completion of the course, career counsellors get instant access to premium career counsellors knowledge series webinar. Knowledge series webinars are conducted on quarterly basis for certified career analyst counsellors. These are high skills webinars.

Post Training Hand-Holdings (60:40 Rule)

Post training hand holdings are most essential to learn practical career counselling skills. 40% of learning comes through these initial hand-holdings. Certified Career Analyst eduprenuer program offers first 5 hand-holdings free. Career Counsellor can discuss first 5 cases live with dedicated mentor.

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