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Can you suggest which are the highest paid jobs 2020?

Asked by Ankit Agrawal | 4th of April 2020


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21 Answers

Srishti Mahendro

2nd of May 2020 | 0 Likes


1-MARKETING/ DIGITAL MARKETING: No matter how much effort you put into your project, it is of no use if the product is not marketed efficiently. For Example, have you ever noticed the advertisements on your Instagram & Facebook? (utilizing the social platforms) Or heavy sale offers in showrooms during festivals (attracting the audience personally). This is the work of a marketer!

Average Earning:  INR 70,000- INR 1,50,000

2- DATA ANALYSIS: From the websites, you visit how much time you spend on various sites; the data analytics are continuously analyzing all kind of data. Their work is to come up with the conclusion after analyzing to help their company. Similarly, they analyse any sort of data and find work from startups to big companies. Average Earning: INR 50,000 – 1,50,000

 3- BLOGGING/ YouTubing:  Eat, Click, Post!   Pose, Click, Post!
Bloggers and YouTubers are new generation influencers and have captured the position of the most popular career among the youth in just a couple of years. From food to the fashion industry or even travel, they are all over the place. Average Earning:  INR: 50,000- 3,00,000 (Varies according to your popularity)

 4- DIETICIANS AND HEALTHCARE: To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”
With the world becoming health-conscious, our dieticians and nutritionists have again made it to the top trending careers. Everyone wants to be fit!  Average Earning: INR 25,000- 1,00,000

 5- ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Tesla – the self-driving car has made headlines in the past few months is a perfect example of artificial intelligence. Likewise, the flying drones, Siri and face recognition in cell phones are also the product of the AI. It is also expected that AI will replace 12% of human jobs by 2025. Average Earning: INR 60,000- 2,00,000.

You can read more high paying careers on Highest Paid Jobs In India

Work hard!

Shantilal Parmar

30th of April 2020 | 0 Likes


Information Technology

Healthcare & Medical Sciences

Artificial Intelligence

Engineering / Mechanical / Chemical

Business Management

Data Management

Skill Development / Skill institutions

Banking / financial instituitions

Commerce / CA

Doctors / Specialists

Cyber Security

Construction Engineer


Aviation Engineer

Parimal | ...

17th of June 2021 | 0 Likes


Selecting a Career Based on Highest Paying Jobs has been a regular practice for many Student and Parents. But Let me tell you the Reality. At the time of Selecting the Career and Start Graduation there may be some career in demand. Till the time you become graduate this may not be true. 

So rather then looking for what is currently prevailing, think about what is future. I was referring the Future Job Report 2020 published by World Economic Forum and found some interesting statistics. The report is 163 page long, however I have picked up what is relevant for you to understand.

The report have declared some of the Emerging Career Options, which you may consider for your child. Here is the list. 

  1. AI and Machine Learning
  2. Data analytics and Scientist
  3. Information Security Analyst
  4. Internet of things Specialist
  5. Big Data Specialist
  6. Project Managers
  7. Digital Marketing and Strategy
  8. Software and Application developer
  9. Busienss Development Professional
  10. Finance + Tech Engineers

Again these are not high paid jobs. There are rewarding careers. The single definition to understand that you will be highly paid or not, is Your "Competency".

The Higher the Competency, The Higher the Demand, The Higher the Demand Higher the Pay. 

So decide what you are good at where you can develop the unmatched competency, Love what you do and Like where you go to work. Do Not select a Career Where You Inherent Quality is not matching.

Let me give you an Example, A Person with Very less convincing power, become Sales and Marketing Manager. Ofcourse the Results will not be as good as the person who can communciate properly and convinse other. So, that person's chances to get promoted, selected and getting higher pay is only depends on luck.

Do not leave your Career Aspiration on Luck. Take action and do whatever you are good at.

Angammai Monika

7th of April 2020 | 2 Likes



Data Scientist

Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning)

Investment Banker

Software developer (Full stack, Blockchain)

Commercial Pilots


Cyber Security

Cloud Computing

Healthcare Services

Career Margdarshan | Bsc Physics ( Honours), C...

7th of April 2020 | 0 Likes


Following are the top highest paid jobs in 2020...

  • Doctors & Surgeons
  • Artificial Intelligence Professional
  •  Data Engineer & Scientist
  • Pilots
  • University Professor
  • IT Experienced Professionals
  • Cyber Security Professionals
  • Cloud Computing Professionals
  • Investment Banker
  • Marketing Professionals


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