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Strategic Alliances

Connect with us for a mutually beneficial Project. Special solutions for Government, High traffic websites, CSR and NGO Projects

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24 Essentials in One career Counsellor Program

Certified Career Analyst - eduprenuer program is designed to transform a passionate individual to a successful career counsellor. We provide extensive training, career counselling certification, set up of industry-leading career assessment platform followed by business and marketing support.

  • 50+ Hrs of Career couselling Training
  • 50+ Modules delivered
  • Live Training + Training Material
  • Official Certified Career Analyst Certification
  • Career Counsellor Technology Platform Set up
  • Career Counsellor Enpannelment Globally
  • Business and Practice support

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Growing Need of Career Counsellors

India needs 1.4 million career counsellors for 350+ million youth population.

Currently, we have less than 10,000 professionally trained career counsellors

Do you Know most of the practicing successfull career counsellors in India are Certified Career Analyst

Do you know all the psychometric Career Assessment of edumilestones are based on O*net USA methodology

Do you Know Certified Career Analyst is the only Program in India Recognized by BCPA (Bhartiya Counselling Pyschology Assosiation)

Who can Become a Career Counsellor

Success Stories

IT professional become a Career Counselor

How this IT professional became a Top Notch Career Counselor

Mrs. Hemalatha Sriram has counseled hundreds of Professionals and Students to achieve their joyful career path...

Teacher become a Career Counsellor

How this Teacher became a Well-Respected Career Counsellor.

Mrs Tina Jhanb is a very popular career counsellor in Faridabad who had undergone formal training in career counselling...

Motivational Speaker become a Career Counsellor

How this Motivational Speaker became a Career Counselling Sensation

Motivational speaker, Sudheer Sandra became a well-recognised name among the student community through career...

Our Accreditations

Edumilestones recognized by APCDA Edumilestones recognized by IIAP Edumilestones recognized by Samudra Foundation Edumilestones recognized by CCIS Edumilestones recognized by Psyuni

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CCA-Edupreneur Program?

CCA-Edupreneur program is designed for individuals or enterprises who want to establish their own social venture. It’s an integrated, all-inclusive program designed based on 10 years of experience to make you success career counsellor.

How is the CCA training delivered?

70% of the program curriculum is delivered one-on-one as psychometric theories and career analysis is required lots of interaction. We have over Skype one-on-one program and Workshop level one-on-one program. The applicant can choose based on their convenience.

Is this program suitable for individuals who do not have a background in psychology?

Yes definitely, the curriculum of CCA program is very comprehensive and covers all aspects of career counselling from basic to advanced. Highly qualified professionals from different backgrounds established practitioners both can join this program. Anybody can become a career counsellor, but only a few become successful in it. Better to check your suitability for this profession before opting for it. Suitability link is

What is the process to get CCA–Career Counselling Certification ?

Post completion of the program every participant needs to appear in the online examination. Every participant needs to secure minimum 70% marks in the exam to get certified career analyst certification for career counsellors.

After this program can I start my own career counselling practice

Yes definitely. To start your own practice, you need comprehensive training, your own career assessment platform, Business Support, Guidance, Initial handholdings and dedicated support. All are inclusive.

How CCA Provides Best Career Counsellor Certification in India?

CCA is an abbreviation of “Certified Career Analyst”. It is the highest-rated career counsellor certification program in India on Google (refer Google Reviews). Certified Career Analyst Program has been designed to learn applied career counseling using most advanced scientific tool & analysis. It provides accurate and most reliable ways to analyze and deliver career counseling effectively. More than 1600+ successful career counsellors are trained and doing there practice efficiently across India. Edumilestones is an organizational member of APCDA (Asia Pacific Career Development Association) and IAAP (International Association of Applied Psychology). More than 50 Leading counsellors across the globe have contributed their time and efforts to design the curriculum of CCA. Since 2008 it is considered as an industry benchmark.

What kind of support do you provide after the training?

We provide you complete support on operational, technical and counselling and marketing front. You will be assigned dedicated support and also 24x7 technical support will be available. You will be provided handholding and supervision for your first 5 cases until you feel completely confident and comfortable with the entire process of counselling. We will support you with marketing support when required to help you generate individual and institutional business. We will provide you marketing material, FAQs of clients, promotional material, different types of pitches post-training. Career counsellors can upgrade their Knowledge lifelong using our most updated learning management system for counsellors. learning management system for counsellors . Our dedicated support system will always keep you at the forefront of knowledge, that is required to become a successful career counsellor

Does this program offer value for money?

Of course. We are a premium platform offering certification, high-end advanced technology platform on your brand name and dedicated support to ensure you become successful. Market value for the deliverables provided by Edumilestones may easily cost more than 5 lakhs excluding maintenance cost to sustain these deliverables. Whereas, we charge only a one-time setup cost, with no annual, no renewal or maintenance fee. To balance the cost and ensure return on investment (ROI), we offer 10 complimentary access codes to help you kick-start your practice and cover the upfront investment to a large extent.

What is my earning potential once I complete the course?

If you can handle more business, then the sky is the limit. We do not put a cap on ROI, our counselors are free to charge to their clients based on demographics. Take a look at how much our counselors charge for counseling students and working professionals per hour. Quick maths, With minimum and simple efforts, counselors will be able to attend to 3 clients for career counseling per week. 12 clients per month x 12 months = approx 144 clients per year. With an average fee of Rs. 3000, earning potential is Rs. 4,32,000 per annum