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career counselling

What is nation career service NCS portal?

Asked by Ankit Agrawal | 3rd of June 2020

25th of July 2020 | 0 Likes

This is a national career service portal.

Job seeker, job giver , career counselor, trainers meet on this portal.

There are many opportunity for government jobs. If you refer to this portal you may get many career options.

It is sometimes challenging to open website. It is a very useful portal but sometimes searching takes lot of time and you may not get answers for all of your questions.

Since it is a government organisation, you have to search out to get the best out of it.

career counselling

What is career guidance?

Asked by Ankit Agrawal | 3rd of June 2020

24th of July 2020 | 0 Likes

There are 12,000 careers means there are 12000 career opportunities in the world right now.

How can you choose the best for you? Any career counselor cannot help you in this. Career guidance is a multidisciplinary science and art.

Career guidance is combination of psychology, common sense, creativity, futuristic vision and using psychometric tools to measure the abilities of candidate.


career counselling

how can a student do Career Assessment without stable internet?

How can a client undertake a psychometric assessment if he doesn t have required resources like a desktop or laptop or stable internet connection?

Asked by Goalpost Career Consultancy | 2nd of April 2020

30th of April 2020 | 0 Likes

Best way to get career counseling is from teachers who who respect you and love you.

Talk with them.

You may talk with your parents. If you can join your father s business n you can add value to your father s business that is great.

I am talking in times of corona crisis.

There are great problems now to create your business or to get good jobs. Communicate with your father.

You should find out carrier counsellor around you who has knowledge n futuristic vision. You go to career counsellor with your father and mother. Career counsellor will guide you.

If you don t find any career counselor with futuristic vision, please call me at 9426 2 214 800.

We will talk about your career.

God bless you great success


30th of April 2020 | 1 Likes

Introvert people are not the people who shy away that is the popular belief introvert people are the people who want to live more inside themselves. They are more aware about their surroundings. They have high interpersonal skills because they are very sensitive.

There are few careers like

scientist, researcher, computer software, designers, creators, artistic careers are most suitable for introvert people.

Introvert people are more intuitive as well . they maybe astrologers, writers, astronomers they may have investigative personality type also.

It is not easy to choose career from this information. You must have to see other things like skill level, concentration level, personality type, value system

I would like to advise that you should take my self Discovery course take your 360 degree analysis.

Please, call 9426 214 800


30th of April 2020 | 0 Likes

There are many psychometric theories used in career assessment.

But one of the theory that interest me the most is  called Holland personality type theory.

According to this theory there are six type of personalities that like to work in six type of different environments.

  1. Realistic personality: if you like to work at physical level with your physical skills like mechanical skills or agricultural related things. Hard skills then you are realistic by nature.
  2. Artistic personality: if you love to create beautiful things around you ?? you are artistic personality. There are many careers related with that.
  3. Investigative personality: if you are curious by nature you are investigative personality. You may be scientist or reporter also.
  4. Social personality: if you love to work with people for human services, you are social by nature, then you love to work with groups. As for example teacher.
  5. Enterprising personality: if you you have mission or vision in your life,you can influence people and create groups around you, then you can lead a business successfully. These are the qualities of enterprising personalities
  6. Conventional personality: if you likew to work in  structured ,routine environment, you might be suitable for office work.

I love to take personality test but that is not enough. I also like to take skill test. These tests are available with edumilestones company. So I prefer to take that tests.

There are other test also that I love to connect. I offer self Discovery program to choose the best career for you. That course also offer you other benefits like how to choose business partner and how to choose life partner with how to choose right career.

You may call me at 9426 214 800.

I offer online video conference coaching ine training and conduct psychometric tests  online