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6 Answers

career counsellor

How to align with your college selection?

Tanya: Which is the best college available in India for under-graduation?

Counsellor: Well, options are many, what exactly are you looking to study?

Tanya: I want to get admission into the best college?

Counsellor: (Repeats) Well, options are many, what exactly are you looking to study?

Tanya: I am confused...

Counsellor: First understand, which course is suitable for you.

"If you are not passionate about the career path, what difference it makes whether you completed the course from the best or worst college?"

Asked by Edumilestones | 10th of December 2020

Fatema M

10th of December 2020 | 1 Likes

Absolutely true....often the college selection is the next big task, once a career path is selected. It require extensive research and guidance, as the the right course and college acts as a springboard for students.

career counsellor

Huge Scope for Career Counselling Industry?

What is the scope of this field?

One of the frequently asked questions from aspiring career counsellors.

A very valid question though.

Scope of any industry must be measured on a few parameters, that helps one make an informed decision. 

Here are a few parameters I look into for the career counselling industry:

- Current market size: 350 million youth in India

- Current market demand: Need for 1.4 Million career counsellors.

- Industry estimated current worth: Rs. 8000 crore.

- Resource deficiency: Currently less than 10k trained career counsellors are available.

- Service demand: 500,000 hits and searches every month just on Google itself.

- Target audience: Students till working professionals

- Scalability: Technology is readily available now.

- Expected industry growth: NEP 2020 gave the needed boost by 10 times.

- Expected earning potential: Proven 5 figure income for focused career counsellors and much more. 

According to me, it has immense scope and future

Which parameters do you find important and useful to determine scope?

Asked by Edumilestones | 30th of October 2020

Fatema M

30th of October 2020 | 3 Likes

This is truly insightful. Numbers and experiences gives us a fair amount of understanding about any given field. It is also important to learn a bit better from those who belong to this field.

career counsellor

Who is a career counsellor?

Most misused word is career counsellor nowadays.

Persons responsible for filling the batch in a training institute are designated as career counsellors...

Persons who are offering admission services for a college or university are designated as career counsellors...

People who talk about various course lists call themselves career counsellors...

There is no problem with the work they are doing, but what they are designated is misleading.

Then who is a career counsellor?

 A Career counsellor is a career decision facilitator by Assessing, Analysing, Understanding and Providing adequate information to help candidates to make informed career decisions without any bias are the real career counsellors.

The value offered by career counsellors is immense. Hence the earning potential of the career counsellor is proportionally high.

Have you too come across such profiles, where the designation is misleading?

Asked by Edumilestones | 23rd of October 2020

Fatema M

23rd of October 2020 | 0 Likes

A counsellor is many things and wears many hats. But must definitely not get misued or mislead by doing others jobs. It is like expecting the doctor to also be an MR, doesnt seem right. A career counsellor has a very responsible job to ensure career decisions are taken mindfully.

career counsellor

This is one of the biggest pricing myths in the service industry?

This is one of the biggest pricing myths in the service industry. 

It is too expensive, must be good...

We have a common belief, More expensive means 100% better quality .

This is not completely true. Sharing some common scenarios:

1. Someone charges higher because of years of experience, positive feedback from clients, rock-solid support system, whose total value is way higher than the price.

2. One charges higher because of the huge demand for their services but has limited availability of time, staff or facility.

3. One charges higher just because, they spend more on marketing, luxurious office and costly staff etc.

4. Another one charges higher just because everybody else thinks, charging higher is directly proportional to quality.

The last two cost-based and artificial pricing will eventually fade away.

Demand and Value-based pricing will prevail for the long term.

Comment below, to share your understanding when deciding your price for your service.

Asked by Edumilestones | 16th of October 2020

Fatema M

16th of October 2020 | 2 Likes

Pricing is a very crucial factor in marketing, it is counted in the 4 Ps of marekting. Very often we wonder or stay in dilemma, whether a partiular prodcut or service is worth the price, because we do not actually know the price in genral. One must research to understand the price better and also make a decision not based on the total amount, but at the value delivered and also the market feedback on the same. There is an art to understand the value too, you must have absolute clarity of what you need. This will ensure, you don t burn your finger.

career counsellor

Why should your clients send referral leads to you?

Why should your clients send referral leads to you?

For money?


They will send you referrals, only:

- If they are convinced about your solutions and overall experience. 

- Only if they can absolutely trust you with their reputation.

The competition in the service industry is very high. 

Your client can convince others, only if they are 100% certain about your company with no fear of embarrassment.

Comment below, if you think quality solution and exceeding client s expectation will generate not only quality referrals but also make it as a reliable lead source.

Asked by Edumilestones | 7th of October 2020

Fatema M

7th of October 2020 | 4 Likes

The important question for a referrl is, whether can I expect same 100% quality consistently everytime. As rightly mentioned, the expectations of the client is muc higher when they are referred by someone and we need to be mindful about it.