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Sanjay Thakur

Certified Career Analyst/ Psychological Counsellor / Teens & Marital Counsellor

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career counselling

Can I take career in counselling psychology as my additional career?

Hi.. I have completed my BE (CIVIL) and currently working in a reputed firm, I want to take up counselling and behavioral/mental psychology as my additional career .. I can only attend online classes.. Pls suggest me a reputed college that guarentees excellence in this diploma/masters course.

Asked by Goutham Solomon | 11th of January 2021

Sanjay Thakur

16th of June 2021 | 1 Likes
BE (Civil) student's personality is eligible to take up counseling and behavioral/ mental psychology because his skills & abilities does match. Basically they are energized by ideas, emotions and memories, using gut or instincts, logical problem solver, organizing information and making decisions. Their's learning style, skills and abilities are such as
- Internal focus on ideas, memories, or emotion
- Receive energy from reflecting on thoughts
- Prefer communicating in writing (over talking)
- Learn best by having time alone to process
- Prefer working in quiet environments
- Able to focus on one project at length
- Known to be reflective, quiet, private, or deep
- Focus on future possibilities and potential
- See the big picture, connections, or patterns
- Remember specifics when part of a pattern
  Imaginative and creative
- Like solving problems and developing new skills
- Have bursts of energy rather than stamina
- Examine logical consequences of decisions
- Objectively weigh the pros and cons
- Base decisions on impersonal analysis and logic
- Energized by problem solving and critiquing
- Seek standard principles to apply uniformly
- Look for cause/effect relationships in data
- Consider feelings when presernted as facts
- Prefer to make decisions with information
- Make decisions as soon as settled
- Plan and organize their world
- Like roles and expectations to be clear
- Enjoy getting things done/being productive
- Plan ahead to avoid last minute stresses
career counsellor

The simple secret growth strategies behind this company 100bn dollar valuation?

I am sharing them with you because I have experienced it's benefits too:

With this, they revolutionised their industry and business like no one else.

We are talking about Airbnb. 

Heard of them, right?

So basically how did they do it and what can we learn from them?

- Quick to realise there is a wide market.

- Getting host to list their properties.

- Continuously creating new products, expanding to new markets to drive the growth of their business.

- More affordable than other hotels.

- They offer the opportunity to experience any destination as a local would.

- They don't provide house, they provide homes.

  "Don’t go there, live there” campaign resonated a lot with the public.

- Airbnb plus for Millenials who have reservations about the quality of properties.

- Putting customer needs before anyone else.

Key Takeaway -  Build a solid base of the customer, build a reputation and then expand your offering.

Your thoughts?

Asked by Edumilestones | 6th of January 2021

Sanjay Thakur

14th of June 2021 | 3 Likes

Basically or on the general ground, we should have need to know few for the growth strategies behind any company Hundred billion dollar business valuation.

-        Created a unique product that they feel we all have need in the sense of very long run, can create a demand in the existing market, people would feel scarcity after benefited once, to get it on affordable cost as per market situation. And need to build a confidence for own product along with execution plan.

-        Always try to speculate the correct demand and strategies for the market execution.

-         Show the Real value in your offer

-        Prepare proper distribution channel

-        Need to build a solid team and anagram

-        Start to perform in a new market with little competition instead of existing market.

-        Time to time optimize your conversions

-        Need to build an effective sales funnel

-        Keep watch on your expenses like a hawk

-        Focus on acquisitions to speed up growth

-        Combine tenacity with fearlessness

-        Encourage your team to dream as big as you do

-        Always keep moving forward in the local world

-        Pick the right investors and partners

-        Try to find way outside the planned circle

-        Do not solely focus on valuation

-        Remain persistent among demand, market and people's ideology.

-        Continuously increase the power of knowledge

-        Consider alternative investment sources

-        Ask for help from other investors

-        Don’t be afraid to let the wrong people go

-        Be realistic—but don’t let it stop you

-        Don’t be afraid to venture into uncharted territory

-        Hire the right people on job to achieve the desired goal.

-        Offered lucrative and legitimate goods or services to people.

-    Took involvement and participate in the social activities as much as possible, to study and understand the present market movement and requirements.

career counsellor

Does Sales calling evoke an irky feeling in you?

Does sales calling evoke an irky feeling in you?

Sales is often perceived negatively. 

But, I don't.

Sales must be rather perceived differently.

Even a student have to position themselves and achieve their end goal strategically.

Similarly, it has become an integral part of every profession and every job profile.

HR's need to know sales. 

Counsellor's need to know sales.

Doctors need to know sales.

Hoteliers need to know sales.

Teachers need to know sales.

Farmers need to know sales.

We all have a goal to achieve.

Like this post, if you agree?? 

Share your views in the comments below.

Asked by Edumilestones | 18th of December 2020

Sanjay Thakur

17th of May 2021 | 2 Likes
No, Sales doesn't calls evoke an irky feeling in me and I also think that, no one need to evoke an irky feel for sales because everyone knowingly or un-knowingly selling something to someone in each and evey seconds or minutes. 
No one can define and evaluate the forms of true love and sacrifices but on the basis of give and take.
Lets see how we do sales in each and every second or minutes and what the truth says
1) In the very early morning we sales our breath to wakeup ourself and for the shake of further routine activities, execution of plans and to prove that, still we are alive. Without any consideration, Very simply we say that it is essential for alive, but it is very costly which is proven in now days and shows that how much oxygen is precious. so need to buy artificial oxygen for immediate effect and plantation for long run effect which shows simple give and take.
2) Child selling their unconditional true love to their parents and love ones for the best bonding and to fullfill their emotional and matterlized requiments.
3) Lovers, Husband & Wife selling love and best faith in between them. Here you can see the result as Divorce, separations and breakups due to the breach of sales contract.
4) Teachers are selling education and students are buying services at cost of money and time. Exceptionally, few of them only are serving for goodness.
5) Employers are selling jobs and employees buy positions to invest his own skills, time and energy to get remuneration.
6) Doctors are selling their treatement services for the shake of money and Exceptionally, few of them only are giving their services for the shake of humanity and recognitions.
7) Same as many more examples we have to understand if anyone truly want to realizes.
career counselling


I am a mid age professional in education line since 19 yrs in computer science as well as commerce . Is there any opportunities for us to look forward to edumilestone as career.

Asked by Swapnil Verma | 16th of October 2020

Sanjay Thakur

17th of January 2021 | 6 Likes


We can define Career in own word which may suitable by all means, like -  

Career means :- “Carefully attention in re-create and establishment of life cycle,
energies, time and mental health along with reform toward own behavior to gather
knowledge, work - satisfaction and practical experiences. which make you understand
what and how to do that you should need to survive in the present competitive and
realistic world.”

C - Carefully

A – Attention in

R – Re-create and

E – Establishment of life cycle

E – Energies, time and mental health along with

R – Reform toward own behaviour to gather knowledge, work satisfaction and  practical experiences. which make you understand what and how to do that you   should need to survive in the present competitive and realistic world.

career counsellor

Why should your client choose you?

What will enhance your chances to be chosen?

The answer lies in understanding what would you do if you are a client.

Do you choose, based on who calls you first?

Do you choose, based on who understands and explains the best?

Do you choose, based on who has the best online presence?

Do you choose, based on the testimonials you come across?

Do you choose, based on price?

What triggers you to take that final decision?

If you understand these factors, you can implement them to be unique than others.

Write your thoughts in the comments section below.

Asked by Edumilestones | 15th of January 2021

Sanjay Thakur

16th of January 2021 | 9 Likes

My clients always choose me because

In the general way I am a hard worker life and Career Counselor, always try to

give my level best, honest to my work, punctual, and once assigned the client

then always try to give quality and unique work to them. And some other key

points are, like

1) I hear client’s voice when they call me to suss me out from the situation.

2) I provide 60 minutes and extra time to tell their’s story.

3) I always try to arrive client's life and career related nervousness and on edge.

4) I say and always keeps it all confidential with me too.

5) I don’t judge clients.

6) I look for career patterns in their’s life and always try to observe.

7) What presses their button of patterns in life or career.

8) What makes their risk in career or life.

9) I listen and try to get as close to understanding theirs's career related requirements.

10) I build a picture of what they want to change and plan how to do it successfully.

11)  I support in being kind to yourself and going insight into their's feelings.

12) They work through pain, hesitation, unawareness, anger or fear. Therefore I

helps them  to make it  understandable that only they can put their career or life

plan into action, to achieve their own goals.

13) If life or career ever get tough again then clients can get me on the voice or video call .

14) We have an ending session to appreciate their work and close our relationship well.

15) I always try to provide Career Counseling service at affordable charge.

16) They would feel better than earlier and I would hope that they will self

decide they wouldn’t need to talk to me too anymore, because they would have

their detailed, clear and transparent complete career counseling assessment


17) After all the key points which i  mentioned above would then definitely

testimonial and good online presence would also helps the clients, to choose the

well knowledge best counselor’s service.