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neerav English Coach

B.E. ( Bachelor of Engineering), worked with thousands of youngsters searching right career

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4 Answers

neerav English Coach

2nd of August 2021 | 1 Likes

We have a very bad culture in India that is to advise with confidence.

Teachers are the people who believe that they know everything about the career. Teacher knows many things about his students but he doesn't know which is the best career for his students.

Because he doesn't know much about career opportunities.. actually no one can know that much about career options...

There are 12000 careers in the world. How can you say that which is the best match for your students or your son or your daughter.

You must have the intense training to be a career counselor. You also should be able to work with artificial intelligence guided computers...

Fortunately we have a great network like a edumilestone... So, an expert career counsellor can get miraculous result working with artificial intelligence guided by artificial intelligence.

It is not possible for a common man or a common parents are common teachers to guide student for the rest of the life

Most of the students lives are ruined because of this cheap counselling. Unknowingly with all their good intention they misguid their children n their students. 

They will do it for very long that is what I understand but you should be very much aware before you choose any career or you give guidance to anybody.

Common man cannot operate like a doctor.. most of the doctors are also not very expert in operation. It requires very special kinds of skills.

Same way career counselling is a very very unique skill and very less people are blessed with the skills. 

Neerav career counselor and career coach from personality development academy

neerav English Coach

2nd of August 2021 | 0 Likes

I have already answered this question but I wish to share something more on this.

I have spent nearly 20 years into career counselling. I have gone through many psychometric tests.

But I was very much impressed by the RAISEC personality type test.

But I found a very dangerous kind of things while I conducted tests on hundreds of students. Most of the students do not understand the words correctly. So, they interpret according to their own understanding.

As for example, the meaning of love may be different for male and female. In fact meaning of love maybe having many meanings , many responses.

If you want to know the values of 10 standard student who is interested to find out the best career it will be very difficult because they really do not know what that values  are.

It is better to play with them the psychometric games, that is also known as the experiential games, that help them to know themselves better n it is very easy for career counselor to you know them better and predict about their future career.

As for example there is a very nice game call ringtones game that help them to know their risk taking abilities. Then you can easily say about their motivations..

Is he a career motivated are relationship motivated for power motivated...

So I want to create online games so we can identify them early and we can understand more about their values and motivations.

I am waiting for the psychologist in the technologist so I can work with them to create a very effective psychometric tests that accurately define everyone so he can choose the most accurate career top most career for them in sign out in the world

career counselling

Can you suggest which are the highest paid jobs 2020?

Asked by Ankit Agrawal | 4th of April 2020

neerav English Coach

2nd of August 2021 | 0 Likes


This is a very practical n great question.

Let me tell you frankly that  it doesn't only depend on the sector where you are working. Your salary depends on your contribution in the company that you work in. 

It also depends on the circumstances in which you are working. After covid-19 many companies are crumbling they are not able to pay their regular employees. Many employees are working online or they are forced to work online. Many company reduces the salary after offering them to work online.

But there are two sectors where you will get higher salaries if you can contribute more and more

  1. Health sector: after Kuwait there is a great crisis in health sector, many people are afraid to work in health sector, skilled doctors are less. Risk takers are less. If you are healthy and you love to help by providing them emotional mental and physical support, there are many many careers in health sectors.
  2. Information technology: everything is becoming online, sold online, created online, marketed on-line, if you are a person who can help small businesses big businesses for companies to grow buy online, you can be the great help. You can earn good amount of money by joining all the career clusters related with information technology. You may connect with me for career counselling at 942 621 4800. I have been associated with a  edumilestone for a long
career counselling

Why do you need a career counselor?

Asked by Nandhini Murugesan | 1st of April 2020

neerav English Coach

6th of May 2021 | 0 Likes

please , Click the following link to get the anwser in 3 languages 

  1. English: 
  2. Gujarati 
  3. Hindi     
  4. Why do you need career counselor ? ???? ????? ??????? ?? ???????? ????? ??? ????? ????????? ????????? ??? ???? ??? Neerav Gadhai , Career  counselor and career coach