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How to flourish in any industry?

If you aspire to be successful in the service industry overnight, you are mistaken.

Many service industries, like career counselling, have their own gestation period.

A period, required to build your credibility in the market. A period, required to build your clientele. A period, required to scale your work and reach the masses.

Quality is built over time, with careful consideration of what a client might need.

You must be handheld by an expert/mentor during this gestation period.

Service, on the other hand, gains reputation if support is provided unconditionally, leaving a sense of assurance with the client.

Do you think quality and service mean the same or different?

Asked by Edumilestones | 27th of October 2020


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3 Answers

Parimal | ...

17th of June 2021 | 0 Likes


I would like to Focus this Question more for Job Seekers in Any Industry. May it be mid level candidate or Freshers. The Folloiwng tips may really help you to Flourish your Career in Any Industry.

When applying for a job, it is ideal that you identify your strengths and weaknesses and get prepared to address them. By knowing your advantage, the chances of getting the job that you want will surely get easier. But you should not get too confident since this is one of the common mistakes that plague job applicants. Appearing too confident or as somewhat of a know it all person will only get you labeled by your interviewer as unfit for the job. 

Identifying your skills  : First thing's first. You should identify your skills. This is your ticket to get that job and you should be able to articulate your abilities and expertise as best as you can.

Many people have a hard time telling their skills and abilities as this may seem to be bragging. But you should not be shy or afraid to discuss your skills. In fact, it is important that you convey to your potential employer what your talents are. You should be able to sell your abilities to your employer. That is how you will get the job that you want.

It is important that you don't appear arrogant or condescending but you should also avoid selling yourself short. If the interviewer asks you about your strengths or what separates you from the other applicants, you should be able to readily give a good answer. But before you even go to the interview part, your resume should highlight your skills and talents for your prospective employer to see. 

Type of skills :  There are two main types of skills, hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are tangible in the sense that these are things that you do like: knowing how to operate different kinds of machinery, knowledge of a specialized computer program, ability to type fast, skills on using many types of tools, credentials regarding special crafts, etc. Soft skills are skills that are rather abstract in nature like personal qualities. This may include the folowing: being a good team player, having the ability to work on your own, being enthusiastic or organized and decisive.  

The steps to follow : 

Making a list of your previous jobs and experience acquired ( College Projects as well for Freshers)

First thing to do is to make a list of all the companies that you had worked for and the things that you learned from these jobs. There will be a lot of things to list and you should be careful enough not to forget even the smallest things or activities that you were part of or organized. It is also a good idea to list the volunteer activities that you participated in. 

Include a list of your hobbies

Although it might sound trivial at first, it is also very helpful to list all your hobbies. There are a lot of abilities that your prospective employer may get from your hobby list. This will also give an idea of your personality. For example, if you were part of the school's debating team, then your employer may deduce that you have good analytical skills. If you were a champion chess player, then your employer will have the impression that you are good at making critical decisions. 

Think of your daily routine and the things that you do and often take for granted. Are you an organized person who always keeps your things in proper order? Are you an extrovert that can easily make friends in a matter of minutes? These may seem ordinary to normal things to you, but your future boss might think otherwise. 

Deciding what career you want : 

After listing all your skills and all the things that you do well, you may now decide what field or career you want to take a crack at. Select the skills contained from your list and partner it with the employment you are seeking. Always take time to consider if your skills are relevant to the job that you are aspiring for.

Don't be bothered if you have to cut out some of the skills from your list. It is also important to include in the list your skills that the prospective employer will probably value. 

Stand by what you write

You should be realistic about your skills and the level of expertise that you have with it. For example, if you indicate that you are a very organized person, then you should be able to show this to the interviewer by being able to organize your thoughts and effectively use the time that was given for your interview.

It is important to know your skills every time you are job hunting. Always put your best foot forward and good luck! 

If you are not clear about your Strenghts and Weakness, you may consult a any near by Career Counselor or visit my profile to book appointment.

Shivangi Saxena

12th of March 2021 | 0 Likes


The more updated you bein your skills keeping the pace with the industry along with right attitude towards your work and team ,the more are the chances you are given preference over other employees.

Feroza shaheen

27th of October 2020 | 3 Likes


Quality and service go hand in hand....though our quality of work is good but we are not available to provide service then we cannot flourish... similarly if service is given without quality consideration,then all the efforts are to flourish in career counseling industry we need both quality and good service....

Feroza shaheen

27th of October 2020

Quality, Patience, Continuous updations, Upskilling, Customer Service, Bringing appropriate changes, proper marketing all these things help to build and flourish any industry.


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