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Durga Yadav


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career counselling


I have done bachelor of elementary education and now I am pursuing master of education. I am feeling lost right now as I don’t know what to do next? I want to become a professor. Please guide me.

Asked by Sakshi Jain | 10th of December 2020

Durga Yadav

18th of March 2021 | 2 Likes

Hi Sakshi,

With your elementary education you already have a plethora of option before you to explore from.You can try the following roles as well :

  • Teacher
  • Assistant Teacher
  • Instructor
  • Tutor
  • Student counselor
  • Curriculum developer 
  • As you have ementioned you are pursuing M.Ed .and interested in being a Professor ,the best way to pursue your passion would be to
  • *start preparing for NET /SLET that is ,national level elegibility test and State level eligibility test which is mandatory to be apply for lecturership in a government /private college . To apply for this exam you must have 55% in Masters level.Alternatively you can also try for the research fellowship program ,and pursue higher studies and procure a pHD that will give you an edge to become a professor .Also if you have a phD ,you can be exempted from clearing NET exam which is very competitive and a relatively tough exam .

After the completion of M Ed, the you are  eligible to apply as teacher/lecturer/assistant professor/academician or officer on the field of education in prestigious institutions and colleges.

To become a professor you must possess the following skills ,

Passion for teaching.

Deep interest in the related subject.

Creativity to find innovative ideas for teaching.

Desire to learn new things.

Perfect communication.

Thorough research.

Problem-solving ability.

Time management.

Positive confidence.

Hope it helps !!

Durga Yadav

Licenced career counsellor cum career coach 

Founder Eduperfexo Academy . 

career counselling

I am pursuing (Mech engineering) 3rd year in a low grade college. But I want to do BS in USA. Is it right to dropout and prepare for TOEFL or SAT?

My college faculty and academics are not good and I can t find any practical knowledge. I need quality education to achieve my goals. So I was thinking to dropout from college and prepare for TOEFL/SAT and get admission in a US university and do BS (Mech engineering) there. Is it a right or wrong decision? I am really confused.

Asked by Udaykiran Dadi | 2nd of December 2020

Durga Yadav

12th of March 2021 | 1 Likes

Hi Udaykiran ,

I can understand your confusion at this stage !!!

Since you mentioned you are in your third year ,which means you have already completed more than half of your college liofe and just a notch away from procuring an engineering degree .My recommendations would be -

1.I think dropping out now can mean a huge loss of 3 years years which would mean quite a lot .

2.Quitting the college  will not give a 100 percent guarantee of your selection in a good college in US.

3.I would suggest complete just another year at the college ,get an engineering degree .Prepare for  SAT/ACT /IELTS and TOEFL and plan to study a Post graduate degree in USA/UK or any other destination .

4. That should save your 3 years of hard work at the college and also keep ahead with your dream of studying abroad .

Hope that helps !!

Happy Learning !!!

Mrs.D.Yadav (

Founder @ EduPerfexo/EduQuippy Learning Solutions 

career counselling

how can a student do Career Assessment without stable internet?

How can a client undertake a psychometric assessment if he doesn t have required resources like a desktop or laptop or stable internet connection?

Asked by Goalpost Career Consultancy | 2nd of April 2020

Durga Yadav

30th of January 2021 | 0 Likes

This is one question which I would love to answer ,as being a career coach and having the vision to cater to underprivileged children who do not possess smart phones,laptop or even internet connectivity it was something that irked me as well .Thankfully had an Aha moment when I realised that I have been trained to conduct offline assessments as well.And moreover sometimes an assessment may not be needed at all in such cases a thorough pre counselling and a subsequent counselling by one on one interaction ( physically) could be an option .

And also pen paper test or OMR sheets can be used to conduct psychometrics .

Do reach out to me for such cases .Would love to help !!!

connect with me via learning solutions )

career counsellor

How to align with your college selection?

Tanya: Which is the best college available in India for under-graduation?

Counsellor: Well, options are many, what exactly are you looking to study?

Tanya: I want to get admission into the best college?

Counsellor: (Repeats) Well, options are many, what exactly are you looking to study?

Tanya: I am confused...

Counsellor: First understand, which course is suitable for you.

"If you are not passionate about the career path, what difference it makes whether you completed the course from the best or worst college?"

Asked by Edumilestones | 10th of December 2020

Durga Yadav

30th of January 2021 | 0 Likes

I think college selection is a very critical decision in ones career and may add tremendously to the future of the aspirant.Currently,there are plethora of choices for Gen Z which did not exist decades ago.

Being a career coach I would strongly recommend to undergo the brainstorming exercise of SELF AWARENESS which includes knowing about oneself thoroughly in terms of personality,aptitude,learning styles ,motivations and the aspirations .Once the filtering is done I guess selection of the college can become an easier task .

career counsellor

MBA or which other course option would you suggest for Ravi?

Ravi is 20 and currently completing Bachelors of Mass Media.

Most of his friends are planning for an MBA and are preparing for it.

Ravi enjoyed his 3 years of education and is looking forward to studying more.

But Marketing is not one of them, yet he is keen for an MBA.

In fact, he is open to study and move abroad as well. 

According to you which other course options are open for Ravi?

Or should he start working?

Comment below to share your suggestions.

Asked by Edumilestones | 29th of September 2020

Durga Yadav

7th of December 2020 | 0 Likes

Since Ravi is keen on studying further and his present choice of speacilisation is very interesting and offers a lucrative career .In such a case he can opt for doing an MBA with specialisation in digital transformation and data science .Also he can pursue an MBA in integrated marketing and mass communication.

There are some good options offred online also which he can explore. Benefit of doing it online is that he can work parallely and gain some hand on experience which can give him an edge in later stages of career planning.

Hope that helps.