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what are the different type of psychometric theories used in career assessment?

Asked by Ankit Agrawal | 8th of April 2020


career counsellor career assessment

9 Answers

Parimal | ...

17th of June 2021 | 0 Likes


One of the best ways to determine your career direction is to complete a career assessment. Yet there are literally hundreds of career tests out there. Is a career test the same as an aptitude test? What about a career personality test? This post clarifies the differences and presents 7 criteria for deciding which career test is best for you.

“I used to feel depressed at work, hate my boss, and was sometimes so bored that I actually fell asleep at my desk!” --- career test taker

If this sounds like you, then it’s probably time to consider changing jobs or careers. But before you can make your career change, you need to figure out what you want to do.

One of the best ways to get clear is to complete a career assessment. Yet there are literally hundreds of career tests out there. Is a career test the same as an aptitude test? What about a career personality test? This article clarifies the differences and presents 7 criteria for deciding which career test is best for you.

#1  Career test vs. personality test : Is the assessment specifically designed to provide career guidance?

Personality tests only tell you about your character traits whereas a career assessment gives specific career advice. Of course, it helps to know whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert and perceive by sensing or intuition. Personality tests such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Enneagram are quite useful as background information. Making the leap from simple awareness of your personality type to specific career strategies is very difficult, however. If you want a new job or career, it’s better to take an assessment that is specifically geared to providing career guidance.

#2  Specific vs. general  : Does the career assessment give concrete recommendations that you can use immediately rather than vague observations that are open to interpretation and not actionable? Aside from the change itself, the hardest part of changing careers is narrowing down your choices. But if you don’t get specific, you won’t be able to take action. A good assessment should not be general like the astrological horoscopes in the newspaper.

#3  Motivation rules: Why motivation is a better indicator than aptitude or personality  Does the career assessment measure motivation?

Motivation is a far better career indicator than skill or personality because what you like to do is what you WILL do and what you will get very good at (if you aren't already). Why force a square peg into a round hole?

When you base your decisions on what motivates you, you'll probably feel much more fulfilled, and be much more successful, too.

#4  Where’s the beef? :  Even if you’re a vegetarian, you’ll want “meaty” results! A good career assessment should include hard data, as well as sufficient detail and explanation to help you interpret the results.

#5  Do you believe it? Is the career assessment scientifically valid? An effective career assessment should have a high predictive reliability. Such things can be measured statistically. Anything over 95% is quite good.

Statistical validity is important for a number of reasons. Obviously, you want to feel that the assessment provides an accurate picture of what motivates you and you don’t want to be misled by grossly inaccurate results. But another point is that when the results are believable this provides a boost to your self-confidence. In my case, I was relieved and encouraged to see from my results that I had chosen the correct career path. It was a kind of confirmation or validation: “Whew! What a relief!”

Remember that ultimately it’s up to you to decide whether a set of results makes sense or not. However, it helps to use a highly reliable assessment.

#6  Can you get from A to Z?  Are additional tools available to help you take your results and develop a clear career roadmap for yourself?

Honestly, a lot of people take career tests and get brilliant insights. Unfortunately, many of these same people are never able to turn their insights into results. What’s needed is a support infrastructure of materials and people to help you apply your results over time.

#7  Is it fast?  Even in the internet age, there still are a lot of tests that you can only take on paper. It takes 30 minutes or even over an hour to take the test. Then you have to wait while the test is scored and processed. You may only get your results after several days or weeks.

Personally I prefer career tests that I can take online and that give me my results immediately.

Conclusion :  A career test is just a tool and just one step on your career change journey. Nonetheless, it’s worth spending some time to understand what types of tests are available and which is best for you. Just remember that even the best career test is only a tool. It’s up to you to take charge of your own career. If you need more insigts We can arrange a Call Back for More Details.

Angammai Monika V | M.Sc Environmental Scienc...

11th of November 2020 | 0 Likes


Psychometric Test is a scientific tool used  by career counsellors to understand one s interest, skills, personality, strength & weakness with accuracy.

Below mentioned theories are widely used by career experts.

1) Myers Briggs Type Indicator -                  Personality test                                            2) Holland Codes - Career Interest.             RIASEC

Along with the above assessment Top counsellors perform the following tests & Equip candidate with 5D Career Assessment Report.

1) Personality Analysis                  2)Career motivator Analysis                      3) Career Interest                        4)Learning Style                                          5) Skills & Abilities 

Based on this report most suitable career path is determined to reach their dream career

retell edu | MBA, Mphil, 17 years of ...

20th of April 2020 | 0 Likes


Generally for a career assessment any one or more combination in a psychometric concepts would be applied namely verbal,numeric,inductive,error check ,diagramatic and more importantly logical reasoning for effective career evaluation.

Anupma Mehrotra | M.A., B.Ed., Post Grad. D...

22nd of May 2021 | 2 Likes


Psychometrics is the field of study concerned with the theory and technique of psychological measurement ,which includes the measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitudes and personality traits. The field is primarily concerned with the study of differences between individuals. FECHNER, the early German Psychophysiologist is known as the father of Psychometrics.

For career assessment carl  jung “personality theory (jung meant that people were defined by their characteristics within the following four groups: Extroversion_Introversion, Sensing_ Intuition, Thinking _Feeling, Judging_ Perceiving.

Holland”s theory of career choice (RIASEC) Holland found that people needing help with career decisions can be supported by underesting their resememblence the six vocational personality types : Realistic[R] Investigative[I] Artistic[A] Social[S] Enterprising[E] Conventional [C]

Varks theory of career choice - The acronym VARK stands for VISUAL, Aural, Read / Write and Kinesthetic sensory modalities are used for learning information.

Howard Gardener's theory of multiple intelligencies. These multiple intelligencies range from the use of words, numbers, pictures, music, to the importance of social interactions, introspection,   physical movement and being in tune and nature.

Daniel Goleman an American psychologist, who helped to popularize emotional intelligence. It has five elements : Self_awareness, Self_regulation, Motivation, Empathy, Socialskills

Anupma Mehrotra | B.E. ( Bachelor of Engine...

30th of April 2020 | 0 Likes


There are many psychometric theories used in career assessment.

But one of the theory that interest me the most is  called Holland personality type theory.

According to this theory there are six type of personalities that like to work in six type of different environments.

  1. Realistic personality: if you like to work at physical level with your physical skills like mechanical skills or agricultural related things. Hard skills then you are realistic by nature.
  2. Artistic personality: if you love to create beautiful things around you ?? you are artistic personality. There are many careers related with that.
  3. Investigative personality: if you are curious by nature you are investigative personality. You may be scientist or reporter also.
  4. Social personality: if you love to work with people for human services, you are social by nature, then you love to work with groups. As for example teacher.
  5. Enterprising personality: if you you have mission or vision in your life,you can influence people and create groups around you, then you can lead a business successfully. These are the qualities of enterprising personalities
  6. Conventional personality: if you likew to work in  structured ,routine environment, you might be suitable for office work.

I love to take personality test but that is not enough. I also like to take skill test. These tests are available with edumilestones company. So I prefer to take that tests.

There are other test also that I love to connect. I offer self Discovery program to choose the best career for you. That course also offer you other benefits like how to choose business partner and how to choose life partner with how to choose right career.

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I offer online video conference coaching ine training and conduct psychometric tests  online



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